Sunday, January 13, 2008

Politics 2008 Style - Why Bother?

It is a long known fact that all politics is local. This means that you can take all the polls, and pollsters as far as I am concerned and place them where the sun don't shine. People will vote the way they feel in a manner that concerns them, their family, and their community and in that order of importance. And they will do so behind that curtain that hides the lever they pull that is the only true poll that matters.
But unfortunately there are some who are influenced by others. They don't seem to have their own opinions or at least are not sure of them if they do. These people will change their minds based on what they believe to be the right thing to do merely because many others are doing so. This is quite unfortunate and has become increasingly dangerous as technology and the belief that the media is all knowledgeable continues to grow in the minds of the masses.
For example in a presidential election the media has agreed to hold off their "projected winners" of races in states until the polls in those states have closed. But they broadcast those winners nationally even if the percentage of votes counted is ridiculously small. You may a have a "winner" announced with less than 1% of the precincts reporting.
With huge states and electoral votes still undecided (and that is a whole other issue) Texans and Californian who may not have voted yet can turn on the television and find out that they candidate they wanted is very far behind. That could alter their vote especially if they want to join the crowd. The citizens of Hawaii must truly feel left out as they are 6 hours behind the Eastern Time Zone and 3 hours in back of California. By the time some Hawaiians vote the outcome is almost always moot.
Sometimes polls are so wrong as to be laughable. Just ask Truman, Dewey and the people of New Hampshire.
This should stop. Winners should not be projected until after ALL the nation's polls have closed. This way 'local politics' can stay that way and our nation, which is made up of 50 different States with tremendous numbers of districts within them and covers 6 time zones can be a little more fair to all the people.
Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about the primary situation. By the time some states hold their primaries many of the candidates that could have garnered support have long since dropped out of the race. They are victims of the opinions of people in states that had early primaries!
Why should Iowans decide for the rest of us who even gets a chance to run for the top job in America? The Iowa electorate makes up around .5% of the voters in the country. No offense Iowa but who the hell are you to filter out my candidate?
Just like the polls and pollsters telling those of us who were not polled how we think and who we should vote for so too are the early primary state results attempting to alter our opinions.
Perhaps it is time to just get rid of primaries. If a candidate wants to run then he or she should be able to. After all isn't this the land of opportunity? Isn't America the place where all dreams can come true if you work hard and stay focused?
New rules:
No more primaries!
No more electoral college.
No more polls. (If you are polled continue to give dumb answers. "I am supporting Alfred E. Neuman.")
And finally, New Rule: No more "projected Winners" until all polling places are closed.

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