Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Super Bowl XLII Head Games

There are 12 days until this year's Super Bowl as I write this and the papers are filled with the rumor that Tom Brady's foot is in a walking cast. There is even a video on the internet showing the QB limping outside of his girl friend Gisele Bundchen's apartment. Are we sure the limp was caused on the football field?
Nevertheless the possibility that he could be injured and not able to play up to his record breaking abilities is both a shame and a tempting thought to New York Giant and Miami Dolphin fans.
However before printing up the 18 & 1 signs and featuring Eli in the "I'm going to Disney ad" there is one very important point to remember. Football is filled with strategy and "psyche you out" mental games.
The Pats are obviously hoping that the Giants will prepare for the game with an eye toward a back-up QB and not work as hard because they think Brady will be a spectator. Then at game time Willis Reed, I mean Tom Brady will come running onto the field and do a head flip. The game will essentially be over and Bellichik will smile a quiet 'gotcha.'
If the Jints are smart, and contrary to many people's beliefs including mine they seem to be, then they should prepare hard and expect a Brady at 110%. Injuries are never quite as bad when the championship is on the line. And let's face it, even if he is a little banged up he has the entire Spring and half a Summer to enjoy recuperating.

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