Sunday, March 3, 2013

The New Hammer

Instead of hammering out a deal
Mr Boehner is hammering
our heads into the ground!
Boehner & co. keep saying the President got his revenue increase, AKA tax hike in January and now it is time for the spending cuts or the taking away of money from programs aimed at helping the middle class and poor.

Why does no one call him out on this obvious lie?

What happened in January was the Bush tax cuts that were created to expire by Bush and Boehner’s Republican Party and approved by them at that time expired!
These tax cuts were put into effect by this party’s leader as a gift to his base in the top 1%, financially speaking at the same time that he and they lied us into their illegal unfunded, unjust war that has killed far more than just thousands of our children, it killed our economy as well.
President Obama and the Democrats had to waste precious time fixing what the Republican recklessness cost, at least economically speaking as no amount of policy changes can bring back the lives of those brave soldiers Bush sent to their death in search of WMD he knew did not exist!
Now we are faced with an even more insidious Republican Party digging in and demanding more pain for the lower and middle classes in favor of their wealthiest friends.
When will this stop?
When will the media call out these self-serving hypocrites for their ‘oh so obvious’ lies?
When will the public finally understand that when Mitt Romney secretly, he thought, spoke to his friends about the hated 47% of Americans he was actually thinking about the party line of 98% hated Americans!
Because if you are not among the top tier of wealthiest Americans who can fund their life style YOU DO NOT EXIST FOR THE REPUBLICAN PARTY!
And to that group of persona non-grata should be added minorities, gays, women, and anyone in the news media who reports facts!
And I beseech anyone with a brain to analyze the facts so that when November 2014 rolls around they will not be foolish enough to vote against their best interests and future ever again.
So no Mr. Boehner, the President did not get his revenue increase in January you did, and you know damned well you did!
And as always you are using lies to once again shield those who can most afford to chip in and aid the country’s recovery from ever having to open their wallets again.
Shame on you Mr. Speaker, shame on you!

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