Friday, March 8, 2013

Ford Vs Walton

As I read about New York City's latest successful attempt to block a new Wal*Mart store from opening in another city neighborhood I had a random thought.
Many people out there seem to think that Congress should take their cues from the Walton family and run America as they run their company.
After all, as the argument goes, look how successful they are and what tremendous profits they generate. Imagine doing that on a country level!!
I did and broke out in a cold sweat.
I am not telling those of you who shop at Wal&Mart to stop.  I realize the prices may be tempting and the perceived savings too great to pass up.  Just understand they are not the selfless philanthropists you may think they are nor are they really helping the American economy as much as some think.
Forget that they share their humongous profits with China and import inferior products.
Forget that they turned blind eyes to working conditions over there until watch dog groups blew whistles.
Forget the sub-human working conditions in their 'behind the public eye' warehouses in the states
Remember only this, as the wealthiest family in the world they pay and treat their workers like scum.
Henry Ford was not the nicest man alive back in his day but one thing he did was pretty cool!
He famously paid the workers on his assembly lines more money than was the norm of the day but he made sure it was enough so that they could afford to buy the cars they helped produce!
The Wal*Mart famously pays their workers just enough so that they can only afford to buy at Wal*Mart.

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