Sunday, March 3, 2013


There is a wall between Republican speak and reality and until we remove it we will never be well!

So here are some simple easy to do must fixes for the American economy today!

Remove the income limit on Social Security deductions.
            This is a tax that only hurts the poor and middle class but benefits everyone once they retire. Having a limit on income is inane and counterproductive in a modern society.

Get rid of the death penalty across the country.
            We spend or rather donate obscene amounts of money to attorneys who argue with each other for years and years in order to stop any executions of convicted capital crime criminals and fill their own coffers with the rewards!
            Instead these dangerous criminals should get the choice of execution in 6 months (to allow them to get any affairs in order) or life in solitary imprisonment with 23 hours in a cell and 1 hour of humane solitary walking around a yard.  No lawyers allowed after the six month period ends!

Institute a Corporate Alternative Minimum Tax just like the one on people my friend.
            Last year alone a 20% C-AMT on JUST THE PROFITS AT EXXON would have garnered just under $1Billion – They paid ZERO.
            Not only would this put more money into our hurting economy but it would make accountants happy as they would have to figure corporate taxes two ways and be able to charge more for their services.

Create an “Income is Income” rule and reduce or get rid of loopholes such as earned income tax credit and lower taxes for capital gains.
            I, like many Americans in the middle class will be hurt somewhat by the elimination of some of these loopholes. But I, like many Americans feel that we must all be a part of this great nation or we will all be a part of a once great nation that has fallen into an Oligarchy or worse!
            When a man such as Mitt Romney can earn millions upon millions of dollars because he lives in this country and invests in stocks and bonds and is able to hide the income legally while millions suffer daily and wonder IF they will have a meal tomorrow the law must change!
            When wealthy people can buy a second home or a huge luxurious yacht and call it a second home and get a legal tax break or write off the law must be changed!
            When a hedge fund manager or Wall Street speculator who does nothing to help move America forward or produce any product that makes lives better for more than 6 or 7 of his closest friends and investors can make billions in profits while artificially causing gas prices to rise and legally not pay as much tax as an ordinary lower middle class worker does the law must change!
INCOME IS INCOME and unless you eliminate ALL income tax which would be disastrous for America these loopholes must end!

Stop the wars and start cutting back on our absurd overkill defense budget.
           Start making serious cuts to the vast military industrial complex that was first proposed by Republican war hero and Military General turned President Dwight David Eisenhower!

End the ridiculous drug war!
           Too many are placed in jail for minor infractions such as possession of marijuana.  And most of these are young African Americans who are then forgotten by society.
           And to make matters even worse and obtuse too many end up in private prisons in States run by their cronies on the right (but definitely wrong) side of the aisle!
          The cost to prosecute this absolutely stupid drug fight is staggering in both dollars & cents and lives.

There are many more simple fixes but these could make a big dent in our current troubles and go a long way toward getting our financial rating back in the eyes of the world.

The bottom line is the tax code and just about every rule that controls the way money is made, spent, and kept is slanted toward the wealthiest Americans.

And finally stop calling them job creators.  If they really were job creators we would have 100% employment because they have NEVER been as wealthy as they are today!  And they legally pay next to nothing in taxes as it is.


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