Friday, November 23, 2012

How Much is Enough?

Let’s say you had an almost unlimited supply of money that allowed you to spend $1 million a day, every day from now until the day you died.  Aside from the fact that it would be much harder than you might think bordering on impossible how much would you end up placing back in circulation to help the economy?
For the sake of this experiment I will use a man who is lucky enough to have the absurd fortune noted above at the early age of 30.
Since I am proposing that he can spend faster than a drunken sailor, apologies to the USN, he will be able to have the finest medical care known to man and his life expectancy will be therefore be higher than the average human.
If this person could live to the absurd age of 110 he would have been spending the allotted amount for roughly 29,220 days as he took his penultimate breath.
His final earthly bill could be rounded up slightly to $30 billion.
So if this lucky individual had more than 30 billion dollars in his mattress when he hit the ripe young age of 30 saving for his retirement would appear to be rather stupid.
He could literally go crazy and make every day of the year for the rest of his life Black Friday and still have enough left in his estate to make his heirs super wealthy.
I am not saying he should go on an 80 year spending bender but then again why not?
Our lives are finite and unless you really believe that life is a game to be won by the person who dies with the most cash why not enjoy yourself while you're here?
When a person of ridiculous wealth hoards his cash or spends only with thoughts of amassing more money at the expense of the well-being of others, or of the entire planet for that matter one could consider that man evil.
But if his evil ways were unintentional he may not realize he is hurting humanity.  If this is the case we must extend him some pity and try an intervention.
One might suggest he get psychiatric help but a good analyst would cost money and he might consider the return to be monetarily unattractive.
Do any such people exist at this time?  Are there any extremely wealthy people who spend only to make more without regard to the world that spawned them and allowed them to become wealthy in the first place?
Do birds fly?
Do fish swim?
Is the Pope Ital, I mean Catholic?
Keith Olbermann may choose his “Worst person in the world” on a daily basis but mine happens to hold the crown constantly.
He is the older of the two brothers with the last name of Koch.
He and his younger sibling inherited and now run Koch Industries.  The conglomerate employs over 70,000 people (20,000 outside America) in various capacities but their main source of income is from petroleum.
According to all reputable scientists not on the Koch payroll or Fox Network so-called experts, the burning of fossil fuels causes global warming, and it's doing so at an alarming rate.  If left unchecked it will eventually destroy the planet and life as we know it.
This is not a ‘Chicken Little’ statement but a logical extrapolation of historic events using records dating back hundreds if not thousands of years.
Charles Koch, through corporation is a major contributor to political causes aimed at keeping the status quo that allows the corporation to continue its path of destruction.
To be fair his younger brother David has donated money to the arts, most notably having his name appear on a theater in Lincoln Center, New York.  He is considered a quiet philanthropist of sorts.
As a Libertarian David naturally supports legalizing marijuana dude and gay marriage so he is not completely without reason or compassion.  But his political views, along with his older brother Charles tend to negate much of the good he seems to do.
Can you believe how
much money we have?
I mean, DAMN!
Charles de Ganahl Koch naturally wishes to repeal all taxes.  He says he wants smaller government with no oversight or regulations as they tend to get in the way of profits.
Of course larger more constricting government would be okay as long as it is on his terms and only places shackles on the little people.
Charles’ only donations and efforts go to Conservative causes aimed at squeezing every last penny out of the hands of the average American.
He is a major contributor to such right wing leaning anti-social groups as the Heritage Foundation, the fear mongering Cato Institute and the absurdly named Americans for Prosperity.  He has said that he considers President Obama to be the worst kind of Socialist out to attack prosperity and economic freedom.  He considers Warren Buffet and George Soros to be idiots for giving to causes that promote the public welfare.  Helping the little people?  What idiots!
These 2 gentlemen have donated large sums of money
to help the needy and are therefore considered
morons by Charles Koch & company
Charles Koch is 77 years old and has a net worth of just under $38,000,000,000.  Instead of funding Wisconsin’s Governor Scott Walker and others in their efforts to destroy unions and ruin the lives of hundreds of thousands of American citizens in his quest for more money what if he were to start spending like that drunken sailor we spoke of earlier?
The elder Mr. Koch could spend twice our example tossing out 2 million dollars a day while living to the incredible age of 120 and still die with $7 billion unused cash in his custom built mahogany coffin.

Quietly trying to help
America, Americans
and the world. In other
words another moron
per Charles Koch

I don’t expect to change anyone’s beliefs nor do I claim to have all the answers but I do know that in order for all of us to have a wonderful life the Mr. Potters of the world must not be revered as Gods.  They must be pointed out for what they are, greedy self-serving spiders weaving webs of woe for all who oppose their agenda.
I know this post will not cause Koch Industries to change their ways but if more of us point out that these self-proclaimed emperors are wearing no clothes perhaps our government will start to act in a more responsible way.  And hey, you never know, Charles might even start spending.

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