Sunday, November 4, 2012

My Letter to Newsday

Dear Newsday,
I am a 28 year subscriber to Newsday.
I have had many letters published and seen one of my "Expressway" op eds appear in the paper.
I was part of the 1969 remembrance issues and was proud to see my ugly puss in the paper talking about the Amazins of '69.
That is what makes the following so hard to say and do.
I would never tell others who to support or vote for but I expect the same in return.  I cannot support Willard Mitt Romney or anyone in the party that ruined America for the middle class and threatens to take us back to the dark ages before science proved awful things such as evolution and global warming - Not just climate change!
Anyone sitting in the dark after yet another record breaking storm waiting for FEMA to help get their ives back knows what a disaster Romney's 'privatize FEMA' stance will be should he get control of our government.
My current salary is half what I was earning before the Bush debacle ruined the World economy and must be frugal with what I have left.
So for this and many other reasons I cannot support the Republican Party of 'NO' and refuse to spend money on a subscription knowing that some of that money is going toward his campaign.
I will miss Newsday but I would miss my freedom more.

I cannot understand how the Republican candidate is within 30 points of a real, caring President but then many in the country are deluded and terrible misinformed.  The man's policies will take us back to the awful days of the Bush era.
You remember that time, right?  The time when corporations were allowed to run rampant and ruin the world?
But the ill-informed people who sit in front of their televisions or listen to the radio and only hear Fox or Rush are one thing.  How can a supposedly well-informed newspaper be so ffoled as to believe any of Mitt's lies?
And that is why I can no longer read that rag.  I never called it that before but they have shown me the error of my ways.
I'm done with them and I hope all caring intelligent people will join me in dropping them.

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