Sunday, October 14, 2012

Suppression, It's Only Good in Cough Medicine.

I would like nothing better than having the entire world bow to my will.
To some degree the above egotistical wish is in all of us.
But the obvious truth is that will never happen no matter who we are or think we are.  And that is of course a good thing.
Throughout history many have tried it from Alexander the Great to the not so great would-be Alexanders of our time.
Should this be the face
of World domination?
All political or religious dictators want the same control over their environs and the degree to which they impose their will determines their fate as well as ours.
While typically the means by which these tyrants wield their power is physical force do not discount the use of mental anguish and fear of the other guy as an important factor.
And while World domination has become harder to even contemplate controlling one's own world, the sphere within which one lives, is still in play.
We see this tactic in use every day by the Fox network of right wing entertainment news media people as directed by their mogul, Rupert Murdoch. His agenda is and for quite some time has been domination of all he can get his fingers on or near.
We cannot turn a closed eye to the inherent dangers in allowing any one person or small cadre of people enough power to control every aspect of our lives.
The experiment that is America started with the idea that no one body of government should be allowed complete control without oversight and acceptance by two other bodies.  And even then rules and laws must pass inspection, the smell test if you will of our Supreme Court.
Sadly even that august body has become politicized in the wake of the increased polarization of our political system.

How could anyone hate and fear a
14 year old Pakistani girl so much
as to want her dead?
But we at least America has not yet devolved into the toilet of religious control as has happened in many Muslim countries.
While women in America are targeted by right wing politicians for unnecessary medical procedures to keep them in line and stop them from having a say in their own bodies at least we have not started to actively hunt them down and kill them.
This week in Pakistan a group of lower than low-life creatures even Neanderthals would be ashamed to be associated with who call themselves the Taliban boarded a school bus to seek out and shoot to kill 14 year old Malala Yousafzai whose crime was she desired an education.
The cowardly act of this religious political coalition of scum and the devil has made the world sit  up and take note, for at least the current news cycle.
Malala defied the odds and lived through the heinous act but both she and her father remain under death threats from the Taliban.
They are so afraid of allowing humans an education because they rightfully fear that knowledge will prove them unworthy of life on this Earth.
But they may have actually taught  larger lesson than the ones they have attempted to suppress.
It is too early to predict the outcome of this disgusting episode but already young girls around the world are declaring themselves to be Malala!
Not nearly as graphic but almost as desperate are the tactics being used by business owners in America basically threatening their employees with their jobs if they do not support the boss' candidate in the upcoming elections.
Demanding money or unpaid time off to make mandatory appearances at fund raisers for candidates NOT OF THEIR CHOICE is tantamount to suppression of ideas and ideals.
The use of fear of loss of income to turn someone's opinion is reprehensible and un-American.
But this IS America and therefore the act, considered to be free speech is protected under our enlightened law.
But do not mistake legal for moral.
Charles Dickens once famously stated in "Oliver Twist" that, "The Law is a ass!"
And the suppression movement of the right wing sector of the Republican Party has not stopped with company-wide threats.  They have actively sought out to destroy labor unions and other Democratic leaning voter groups.  And in case that failed they have attempted to stop obvious Democratic voters from even being allowed to cast their ballots.
They claim they are trying to stop voter fraud, a noble cause indeed.
Forget 200 million voters
I love Jeb & I want his
baby brother to be
But to date the only party that has successfully utilized voter fraud to steal elections has been the Republican Party most notably when George Bush was anointed king of the White House not by hundreds of millions of votes but by a 5 to 4 decision from a friendly Supreme Court as requested by one individual, Florida's State Attorney General Katherine Harris.

Anytime someone tries to stop someone else from expressing themselves; or bettering themselves as in getting an education; or from listening other view points be they supporting their own opinions or opposing them; or merely by voting as they themselves wish IT IS WRONG!
Suppression must be called out and reported every time it is used or attempted.
It must be declared as evil and un-American or America as we know it will cease to exist.

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