Saturday, October 20, 2012

What's in a Name? PLENTY!

I was actually hoping to give this, or some form of this a s a speech in front of an AARP group but sadly the meeting for this forum was during the morning hours of a weekday.  I work during the week and could not possibly get away so here are the thoughts that I was hoping to share with other AARP members.

We have allowed certain groups of people and politicians to define and basically ruin some good words.
One such word is Liberal.
If one has guests over and is liberal serving food and drink it is generally considered a good thing. It is certainly a nice thing to do for guests and it will be appreciated and even reciprocated should the circumstances be reversed. AT least one would hope.
Liberal tends to mean being open and caring enough for the needs of others as to try and make sure they are taken care of. And some times we may put ourselves out a little to ensure this is done.
I don’t believe it would be very nice if you were conservative with your meal should you have guests over for a dinner party, do you?
So why is the word so bad?
Why is the act so bad?
Why have we allowed a small group of greedy, selfish people to define a word that symbolizes helping others as bad?
If they don’t wish to be nice then that’s their prerogative.
We are only on this Earth for a short period of time so why look to hurt others? Why make stepping on others’ rights for personal gain your main goal?
The world would be a far better place if more people acted in a liberal manner than a conservative way.
Another word that has been usurped by a small radical group of selfish people is “Entitlement.” And not just entitlement but by simple extrapolation all forms of the word ‘entitled.’
Suppose you had some extra cash. I realize in the current economic climate that might be a stretch but allow me an indulgence.
Say you placed that money in one of our formerly bailed out banks expecting an exorbitant 0.3% interest rate.
After a year or so you decided to withdraw that money.
Would you be ‘entitled’ to do so?
Well what do you think Social Security is?
Every paycheck you receive during your working life has a Social Security deduction removed before you get the cash!  You know it, conservatives know it, everyone knows it!
So why should you not have it coming to you when you retire?
So the conservatives are correct, Social Security is an entitlement.
And you are entitled to it, period!
Medicare is the same type of entitlement with the same result!
For a long time now I have been arguing that we must stop allowing a few disgruntled people to define our lives and the issues of our time by naming and then vilifying them.
And if I may go off on a slight tangent the group of people who call themselves Pro Choice argue for a woman’s right to make that most awful of decisions concerning the life of her unborn child.
That fetus may be the result of incest or a rape and the conflict that would arise in the mind of the suffering woman would be mind boggling.
But for some reason the group opposing her anguish who, by their very nature admittedly have no dog in the hunt will infer that the "Pro Choice" people are against life by naming their group, “Pro Life!”
I would argue that the “Choice” people do in fact offer women and their spouses a choice in dealing with this terrible scenario while the other side does not and should therefore be renamed, “No Choice!”
So what’s in a name?
It turns out there is quite a lot in a name!
And we must not allow others to name us or our group or our lives. We decide what we wish to be called and we are allowed to be damned proud of the name we choose.
I am a Liberal who believes in Pro Choice and I love the fact that America is such a forward thinking nation as to have wonderful entitlements for all its citizens!

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