Friday, July 1, 2011

What's NOT in a Name?

For some reason John Boehner and Mitch McConnell and the rest of their contrary party call their opposition the Democrat Party.
One would have to assume that these gentlemen are too smart to continue making such a childish and stupid mistake.  Therefore one must also assume they are knowingly dropping the "IC" from the back end of the party's name.
Truth be told if either of the parties should have an 'IC' at the end it would be the party of Vitter, Ensign, Foley and on and on and on.
But this is not about the family values of the party of Family Values or the lack thereof since we all can agree both sides have their problems.  This is merely about name calling, or incorrect name calling in our political discourse today.
These leaders who drop the ic are doing so because they feel it is an insult to their opponents and they would rather insult them than work with them to heal the nation.
It has long been a tactic of criminals to point police in the wrong direction, fingering if you will a patsy to do the time for their crime.
It's a shame that Boehner's and McConnell's party has taken up that act.
And once again knowing how smart these gentlemen are it is surely an act.
Just about every legislation proposed by the majority party from 2008 to 2010 was filibustered by the opposition who seem to have taken that term to the highest extreme possible.
They have even opposed their own proposals which some would say is borderline insanity or flip-flopping at the very least.
But they did so knowingly and on purpose once they realized President Obama agreed with them.
Mr. McConnell hinted this would happen after he greeted the new President with a promise to do whatever it took to take him down.
It appears as though the "whatever it takes" threat includes the future of the American Middle Class and the entire world's economy.
Perhaps the President should come out and say he's for long life for all Republi party members.  That would cause a real dilemma on the 'right' right?
They party occasionally labeled the 'Party of No' has earned that moniker.
But in keeping with a tit for tat childish theme I hereby propose that the country respond to their dropping the 'ic' when speaking of the President's party and drop the "can" from the back end of their name.
To wit from now on let's call them the Republi Party.
It actually fits since 'can' is not in their psyche.
They are still the 'party of no' but now they are also the 'party of can't.'
Remember John Boehner ranting "HELL NO YOU CAN'T" on the House floor?
He didn't even care what the proposal was just that it was being brought forth by the duly elected President of the United States and he didn't like him!
The "Party of Can't" says you can't have an abortion no matter what.  That includes rape & incest. Forget the law of the land, they don't like it so you can't follow it. So there!!
Republi Governors and legislators across the nation are spending long hours and tax payer dollars figuring out ways to stop women from being able to follow the law.  They even have gone so far as to label Planned Parenthood as a terrorist group! Talk about insanity! (Please click the "Who needs medical care" link at the top right of the page for an important message and a funny video on this subject.)
And of course speaking of can't how about health care for all tax paying law abiding citizens of America?  The party's response - HELL NO YOU CAN'T!
The "Party of Can't" says no new taxes or any taxes for that matter on the wealthiest of the country!  Billionaires must be revered and taking any dollars away from them will hurt the economy and kill jobs! Whose economy; whose jobs?  THEIRS!
Want to balance the budget and lower the deficit?  Steal from the poor for crying out loud - they can't argue since they don't have money with which to do so!
The "Party of can't" says you can't have unions bargaining for higher wages or better benefits because that would hurt the wealthy business owners, who happen to be funding the "party of can't" in the first place.
And speaking of CAN'T what better representative as poster child for the opposition to everything human party than Eric CANTor?  Did you know that he stands to make a fortune (again) if America fails?
Talk about a conflict of interest!
The list of "Can'ts" goes on and on but this blog post cannot so I'll let you add in the hundreds of others on your own.  Don't think you can? Trust me with a little thought Yes You Can!
Americans must wake up and smell not the coffee or even the tea but rather the stink coming from the right!
If we the people are ever going to get OUR country back from the childish "fingers in the ears" Republi Party and keep the American Dream alive for the disappearing middle class we must not allow them to gain the majority ANYWHERE!
Can we accomplish this?


Charlene said...

McConnell is very organized and tightly wound. If you can stand to watch him speak on the floor of the Senate his words are not casual but well crafted to make his point.

The misuse of our party's name is irritating, but it would take more than that to insult me. Hell, call me a Democrat. Call me a liberal. You should call me a Yellow Dog Liberal because I'd vote for anyone or any thing but a Republican.

I think all bills, programs, tax loopholes, earmarks, and wars should be de-funded if they were passed with a majority GOP vote during the time they were in charge of all 3 branches of government. They created these expenses and they can't be paid for so share the pain!

Also, all men who stand up and say women do not have the right to choose the reproductive use of their uterus should have their reproductive tools locked up in a 7-Gates of Hell until they reconsider.

Cousin Bruce said...

Gee whiz Charlene get to the point, do you like the Republi party or not? :-)
Naturally I agree with you. I like the idea of reversing all Republi passed bills, especially since the opposite is is exactly what their mantra has become. If it's a Democratic idea it must be stopped!
As for the reproductive organs - total birth control for all of them? Wow, a bit radical! So how do we start?

Anonymous said...

You are idiots. These days, any incumbant is fair game in November 2012. Neither RINO's or Blue Dogs can run on their voting record. Both parties are responsible for over spending, taxing, loopholes, earmarks, and the like. Repub's won the landslide election in 2010 because people voted against any Dem, not because any Repub offered better solutions.

Why does a 4 trillion dollar deficit sound better than a 14 trillion dollar deficit? How the hell do we pay for that? Thank your progressive leaders for that one. I hope to visit Hawaii before it's given to China for loan payments due!

Now Cuz, I will tell you straight up, I lean 'right', not 'forward'. The Dem controlled Congress, since 2007, has been the catalyst for the destruction of the U.S.A we grew up in. Entitlements don't make things better; more taxes won't create or "save" jobs; passing laws to make things "fair" has turned this country into a bunch of limp-wristed, candy-asses with NO integrity.

The only 2012 Presidential candidate in the race with any balls was born without them. She has my vote!

Cousin Bruce said...

While I agree that both sides caused Americans pain I believe it is clear that one was at least on the side of trying to help the people. I am not talking about the Romney people, aka corporations but rather average humans.
Rewarding the anti-social behavior of the Republican party with a majority in 2010 was a huge mistake that cost the country and the world dearly.
There are many more points I could make but I learned a long LONG time ago not to have an argument or intelligent conversation with anyone who starts by calling me an idiot.
And frankly if you really do intent to pull the lever for the person you hint at then I am certain I am not the idiot.
So anonymous, have a nice life.
Oh, and thank you very much for the comment. Please return and comment on my other awful rants.