Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's My Anniversary & I'll Smile If I Want To

Today is my anniversary, or rather my wife's and my anniversary.

So what, you may ask.  Every day is someone's anniversary or birthday or sadly even Yahrzeit.  What makes your day so special?

Well for starters it's mine and this is my blog and I can write whatever I want, so there!
But in this day and age of everyone fighting over other people's rights to enjoy what I have enjoyed for over three decades I thought it would be nice to say a few words in defense of couples!

It takes two to tango and tangle and no matter what they say it is more fun doing either with a partner.

We have been married for 31 years and have two great kids.  Well they're not kids anymore but they will always be OUR kids.

During the course of those 31 years we had our ups and downs, our fights and make-ups, our joys and our tragedies.  In other words, we're normal.

I could go into the usual jokes about marriage and it's evil sister divorce but most have been said, and said, and said.
("I woke up with a headache." "Really, I woke up with a pain the ass!")
(Take my wife, please!)

I don't want anyone to take my wife, please although I'm not so sure she would return the sentiment.

By the way for those of you who don't know the origin of Henny Youngman's most famous one liner he never meant it as a joke!

Henny was walking down the aisle at a theater where he was about to perform. His wife was at his side.  When he neared the stage he wanted someone to show his wife to her seat so he asked a nearby usher to, "Take my wife, please."  He got a laugh and inspiration and a career!
And in case there are any newlywed husbands out there who read this blog piece I have a word of advise, think before answering any question from your bride, especially ones that include the words, dress, fat, and butt.

We happen to be a married couple in what is considered a normal relationship, aka a man and a woman.  But make no mistake, two men or two women can have the same love for one another and be just as good at parenting as any 'normal' couple.  Beauty, like normalcy is in the eye of the beholder.

I hereby defend marriage as a union between two loving people.  Done!

Usually I write about politics and things such as 'man's inhumanity to man.'  And unfortunately I seem to have reverted back to that formula so I'll move on.

But no matter what subject I write about I try to throw some humor in here and there and always try to make what I write interesting.

I used to ask my wife if she saw or read my latest post but I always received the same answer, "Why should I read what you rant about on your blog?  I hear it in person every single day!

I'm not sure I like the tone of that remark but after so many years who can argue?

However just in case she does happen to stumble upon the words of this curmudgeon I have a question by way of Sholem Aleichem's Tevye, Susan, "Do you love me?"

I think I know the answer but h
ey, after 31 years, It's nice to know!


train buddy said...

I hope the answer was yes. Happy Anniversary.

Cousin Bruce said...

:-) It was.
Thank You!

Cousin Bruce said...

From my friend in Vegas - Larry F.:

I liked the marriage blog about 2 loving people, regardless of gender.
well done.
congratulations, to susan, on the 31 years. i'll send her the medal that was just awarded to ilenne for 45 years with old whatsis name. also, i'll have a space reserved for susan, next to ilenne , on mt. rushmore. god knows they both deserve it