Sunday, July 10, 2011

Frankly Scarlet!

While everyone not a millionaire or billionaire or a puppet of same suffers tremendously during our current economic borderline recession our leaders in DC bluster and position and blow smoke up everyone's butt!
That was a pretty long sentence but not nearly as long as the prison sentence our Senators and Representatives in government deserve for impersonating leasers!
In almost every negotiation since time began no one side has all the solutions to every problem.  That is why we have debates and compromises and horse races for that matter.
But in our current political climate and system of two main parties it's a fair bet that horses need not run since nothing will get done.
Republican leaders (I continue to use the word 'leaders' even though they do nothing like lead unless in Reverse) keep saying they are for job creation.  Yet they have not even proposed any legislation that would create one job let alone pas a bill in that direction.
Well that is not 100% accurate as there are more bankruptcy attorneys feeding at the trough than at any time in the past thanks to them.
But times were when the leaders would go behind closed doors with one thought in mind - get the job done.  Now they close their minds before closing the doors and come out with the same thoughts.
Their main objective, other than helping their friends maintain all their wealth is, "How do I look in  camera?"  And, "What do I have to say in order to get re-elected?"
And the last part is the problem!
In order to get re-elected pols must mainly keep their base happy.  Unfortunately the Republican base is just that - Base!
With no clear idea of how things work in the real world let alone America (and I wish they would let America alone) the Tea Party demands ridiculous unfathomable objectives and demands candidates kowtow to them.  Sadly many Republicans are giving in even thought they know in their heart of hearts the demands are unbelievably stupid.
There are many Republicans vying for the job of Tea Party poster child such as 'off the deep end' Bachmann but today we must crown a new winner, Mr. Eric Cantor.
Cantor with another of his boners!
Discussing the debt ceiling and the debt problem they are attempting to fix Mr. Cantor said he would not agree to close any tax loophole currently enjoyed by the uber wealthy unless, "the extra money collected was immediately returned to taxpayers via other tax cuts, with no net increase in revenue."
I wish I was joking with the above answer from this duly elected person in government but the stupidity of his reply is all his, or should I say right out of the 'FOX run' Tea Party mouth?!?
Any intelligent person would consider that kind of non-answer a 'boner' but John Boehner and his cohorts love this kind of talk.
Thanks to the NY Times for not letting this one disappear into the ether along with the long list of other idiocy from the right.
So to translate, the 'right' feels that the only way they will allow the wealthy to be taxed is if any money we take from their left pocket goes immediately into their right pocket.  That'll surely fix our deficit, no?
There must be a reason we call Republican territories 'Red' states.
I believe it's because when they control the government and the conversation normal humans see red! 
After listening to the news every day and calming down or trying to I am overcome with the thought that I don't know whether to laugh or cry.
It is clear that we are in trouble in America.
But it is also clear that frankly my fellow citizen our leaders don't give a damn!

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