Monday, July 4, 2011

All That Ailes Us

There appears to be a debate over whether or not Fox News contains any news or is merely a propaganda arm of the 'right.'
Frankly I do not like Fox News as anyone who has ever visited this blog or heard me speak or for that matter has a brain will know.
But I still believe that they have a place in the world.
After all this is America and we do allow free speech along with our many other freedoms.
And on this Fourth of July I certainly will not be the one to argue against freedom and ours is great!
But with great freedom comes great responsibility, sorry Spidey.
And the responsibility lies with all of us to know the difference between fair and balanced news reporting and out and out self-serving propaganda.
One cannot stop fear mongering but one can recognize it for what it is!
One caveat for the Fox viewer re the whole 'free speech' thing is that we do not allow the yelling of "Fire" in a movie theater when there is in fact no fire to run from.  That inciting to riot thing annoys people!
There will always be prejudice against anyone 'not us' but education and the use of a brain could reduce the incumbent hate it produces.
I love using Will Rogers' famous, "I never met a man I didn't like" line to show that we should get to know someone before deciding we don't like him!  (Of course Mr. Rogers never met someone like Andrew Breitbart.)
There will always be greedy people hell bent on getting ahead at others' expense.  But knowing unbridled greed for what it is may help you not get burned a second time.
Even "W" knew the "Fool me once" phrase.  Well, at least he almost knew it!  (His buddy, the infamous disgusting turd blossom Rove knew it far too well!)
The article to which I link at the top is biased against Fox.  The writer will tell you that he is merely pointing out tactics used by the quasi news corporation to get you to believe his lies as truth.  Unfortunately all too many people have already fallen into the trap of listening only to Fox for their daily dose of delusional dogma and drama.
Hey I like many different comedy channels and watching Fox once in a while can be fun.
Where else can you see a grown man making faces, screaming and ranting with a terribly bad fake accent point out that the ills of all mankind are being caused by illegal aliens?  Okay, you can't do that anymore but Beck will be replaced, trust me.
So the problem in America now is how to convince these people to open their minds, broaden their horizons and use their remotes for the good of mankind.
I am not proposing that we make CNN our only source for the dissemination of news but that we ask everyone to understand that there are other points of view out there and they must be given thought.
As for Fox and its head 'disseminater' I read many of the comments left on the blog post I allude to here and left shaking my head.
I felt it necessary to add my 1½¢ to the ridiculous argument in the spirit of the Fourth and for your amusement I copied it below
But don't take my word for any of this - do some research and fact check my words.
Then for goodness sake change the channel once in a while!

Partners in Crime:
Ailes - Nixon - Rove
Ailes & Rove - Separated at birth?
Debate all you like but the best argument against a 'fair and balanced' moniker for Fox was given by the fear mongering BS artist himself!  Richard Nixon asked his people to come up with some bogus stories and put them 'out there' for people to read and make their own minds up as to their veracity.  Many of Nixon's people rejected the idea (ah what a simpler time it was.)  But one of his aides, one Roger Ailes, yup that Roger Ailes told Nixon that he thought it was a fantastic idea.  He basically said that if you could place enough false stories with a touch of truth in them in the media you could control the minds of the electorate.
And the rest is history!
On the whole Fox News is as fair and balanced as is the state owned news media of North Korea without the show of weapons.  But their weapons are more insidious since they are hidden within innuendo and inference and catchy and misleading phrases such as "Death Panels."
The only way to get a truly fair and balanced view of the world is to listen to all sides, including Fox and then do a little research on your own.
If you can do that then you will be able to use your brain to make decisions rather than having it washed for use by Ailes.

But as always this is just my opinion, I could be wrong. (Sorry Dennis.)

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