Thursday, June 9, 2011

America Needs a Real Pick Me Up

Parents know that if your baby is crying for no apparent reason and you pick him or her up the crying may stop but you have taught your child a valuable lesson.  You are in essence rewarding bad behavior.
Don't you want to pick me up?
If the crying becomes an issue and you continue to do the prudent pick up the problem will grow out of proportion.
While the infant is not trying to 'put anything over on you' the fact that he knows crying will get him coddled and cuddled will keep him crying longer and longer until something or someone's gotta give.

Babies are cute and we love them so it will be hard to accomplish this but it is for their own good.
Naturally I don't condone ignoring a problem and if you know your child you should be able to distinguish between the attention desiring cry and the 'something is really hurting me' one.
The trick with the 'well' baby is to finally let it cry itself to sleep without the reward thus breaking the vicious cycle.

Such has been the case with the Republican Party over the last few decades and unfortunately many voters have failed to see the crying baby analogy.  We know this to be true because if they had then there would be nowhere near as many cry babies in Congress these days.
And just like the crying baby nothing gets done until they are satisfied.  We are taken away from the problems at hand to tend to them.  And while we tend to them our hands are literally tied so nothing does get done!
After the Democrats took the majority in Congress last decade the babies on the right side of the aisle effectively stopped the government by sticking their fingers in their collective ears and wailing.
Please pick me & my party up.
Okay only John Boehner actually cried but the rest of them constantly complained about the Democrats not getting anything done while they themselves were stopping every possible legislation or political appointment by using filibusters.
We the parents then inexplicably rewarded their incredibly bad counter-productive behavior by picking them up and electing more of them to Congress.
The lesson was learned and since 2010 the Republicans have done nothing but demand a pacifier.  And the pacifier they crave is total control of all three branches of government.
But they have not shown themselves to be worthy of that reward or I am sad to say, capable of running the country should they gain it.
With jobs and the economy as their supposed number one priority they proceeded to go after everything but jobs and the economy.
HR1 in the new Republican controlled House of Representatives was a bill to repeal health care for the masses.  Calling it Obama-care they cried and cried and somehow started to gain in the polls.
Emboldened by their gains they took on more issues that concern the middle class such as minimum wage and unions and planned parenthood and National Public Radio.
Should they get all their wishes on the above how many jobs will be created?  An intelligent parent or voter should be able to see that more would be lost.
Their next step was finally to take on the budget deficit but the gang of babies still cannot shoot straight.  They refuse to address the issue of zero taxes for billionaires or record profit producing corporations such as Exxon and GE.  These giants now have rights as though they were human beings thanks to the Republican leaning so-called Supreme Court of the Untied States.  (You remember them right?  Those wonderful people who gave you George W. Bush?)
The main point of the Republican Paul Ryan plan is Kill Medicare!
Should the voters reward Republicans for their current anti-social behavior the next step will most assuredly be the death of Social Security.
Babies are adorable and we love to hold them and play with them but we would never allow them to do our taxes or plan our future or drive our cars.  They just don't have the intelligence to do so!
The Americans are coming!
The Americans are coming!
Warn the Brits!
So why are we even considering  possible presidential contenders such as Michele "Death Panel" Bachmann or Sarah 'Paul Revere was warning the British!!!' Palin?
And then there's Newt 'family values' Gingrich who is currently on the campaign trail searching for wife number 4!
And if Obama-care was so terrible how can Mr. Romney show his face after Romney-care, which by the way was a success as would be Obama-care if the babies would stop crying.
The bottom line is simply this: Do not pick up the babies this time.  Let them go to sleep for a few years until they learn the lesson that we are the grown-ups, the parents, the voters.
We are the people for whom the government was created.
We the people need elected officials to govern, not babies!

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