Monday, June 20, 2011

Spawns of Evil

I've said it before and unfortunately I will have to say it again - The Republic Party does not want America to get better any time soon!!!  They are evil, at least as far as humans are concerned.
After being rewarded for bad behavior and gaining seats in both houses of Congress the "Stop Progress at any cost" party will continue to do whatever it takes to keep America from healing until at least such time as they can regain the White House and both houses of Congress.
If the unemployment numbers go down OR the economy starts to rise OR Americans get real health care at lower costs OR if anything good happens for the majority of humans in the country that could mean a contented electorate come next November and a second term for TGDNITWH! (Their words, not mine!)
The Republic Party would sooner have a total and dangerous moron such as Bachmann or a phony religious proselytizer and noted flip-flopper such as Romney occupy the office.
But truth be told the choice for America is a tough one.
On the one hand you do not wish to reward the bad behavior but on the other hand if the Democratic Party cannot grow a pair and start doing what we the people need they may be looking at early retirement.
By the way don't cry for any of them should they be voted out of office as they will be making more in retirement than any of you out there have ever made in your lifetime!  And they will continue to get free health care for themselves and their loved ones for eternity.
And an important side effect to allowing the bad behavior boys & girls of the 'right' to get control of government is that the President gets to nominate Supreme Court judges.
In light of the latest anti-human ruling in favor of the notorious Chinese corporation aka Walmart it would seem self evident that the people of America need better advocates on the bench!
In statements made after finding for the Defendant and against the one and a half million women who have been discriminated against by that faceless corporation judges were heard to say that the prosecuting class was too large and cumbersome and it made it hard to rule on the case.
Of course the complainant class was large, they discriminated against all women!
That's like saying I can't find the murderer guilty because he killed too many people and I get confused!!
Look at any chart of income over the last few decades showing management vs. worker wages.
Look at any graph, even those prepared by former economists on Ronald Reagan's staff and you will see how this country is heading toward a ruling class lording over serfs.  And we serfs have fewer and fewer advocates as it is.
The middle class is a dying breed.
If things continue as they have then we are in for a new reality in America.
The bottom line is simply we must bite the bullet and continue to hope that the Democrats will grow that proverbial pair and start doing for human beings what the Republic Party has been doing for corporations for decades!
Why do I consistently feel like salmon swimming upstream?

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