Friday, December 17, 2010

New Year's Eve 2010 Wish

Bills keep rising, spirits falling, our net worth’s down as well
As jobs elude us we are nervous, what will the future tell

Rules and laws come from our Congress helping those who’ve ‘got’
But these leaders miss the masses and millions who ‘have not’

Tis the time of year, it’s been said, give help to those in need
House the homeless, clothe the naked, the hungry surely feed

But still the wealthy seek out more wealth; ways to make it grow
Sitting on their self made perches; see not the world below

Some make a New Year's resolution to do a good and useful thing
But sadly those seem not to last; forgotten by the Spring

So for crowds in cold Manhattan, cheering the fall of the ‘ball’
I wish for peace, health and prosperity not just for one but ALL!

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