Thursday, December 30, 2010


I love that word.
Juxtapositions conjure up contradictions and opposing views that somehow mesh together into a whirlwind conglomeration of life as we know it.
And if you alter the letters of juxtapose just a little the resulting homonym, ‘just suppose’ is quite thought provoking.
Just suppose that all the peoples of the world worked together as one.
Just suppose we treated the Earth as our home rather than our garbage dump.
Just suppose we all had the common goal of making the universe our backyard.
Just suppose we were able to put all the great minds together to find cures for all that ails our species as well as others.
Just suppose those great minds could instill the desire in current and future generations to become great.
And finally just suppose that we all realized how stupid it is to be fighting wars in the name of peace.
Juxtapositions have been around since before the dawn of mankind and will be here when we are long gone.
But don’t think they all have to be bad.
The inventor of the compound trinitrotoluene, aka TNT was Alfred Nobel of the Nobel Peace Prize!  In other words he gave us the means with which to blow ourselves up and an award for not doing so!

But reality is what it is and ‘just suppose’ is juxtaposed on it every day.
The news fills our lives with stories of new and amazing advances in medicine juxtaposed against those showing our troops searching for terrorists who live like moles in caves.
We see extravagant life styles with lavish parties thrown on yachts or at mansions while millions upon millions of Americans wonder where their next meals will come from.
We witnessed the financial meltdown in Europe that caused citizens to riot over increased educational costs while being told how important education is to our collective futures.
Financial cable shows point to people buying luxury items as proof the recession is over only to broadcast the next story about skyrocketing oil and gas prices that will cause the economy to tank.
There are weather related stories showing record droughts; floods; extreme heat and major snowstorms with bone-chilling cold all blanketed against claims that climate change is a myth.
And speaking of myths there is now a theme park with Noah’s Arc showing man and dinosaur cohabitating, an oxymoronic juxtaposition in and of itself.
Law abiding hard working productive members of society who love each other are barred from being wed at any cost while the World prepares to watch the spectacle of yet another so-called Royal Wedding in London, paid for by whom?
And finally people who have been unemployed for years due to the wrong doings of others and now in need of assistance are used as pawns in a power struggle to help millionaires and billionaires keep even more of their easy earned cash, many of whom caused the problems in the first place.
Now juxtapose all the above with year end celebrations that traditionally bring people together hoping for peace and good will toward all mankind.
So as the final juxtaposition comes and the famed ball drops in Times Square we say goodbye to father time and the dying 2010 while saying hello to the baby that shall become 2011.
Will this finally be the year?
Just suppose!

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Cousin Bruce said...

Once again Larry F from near Las Vegas has chosen to comment directly to my email address instead of on the blog itself. But it's not because he does not wish to have his views known but rather like me he is getting older and some technologies escape him like, well commenting on a Google blog. :-)
I forgive him and trust he will do the same for me as I reprint his original comment here with slight punctuation adjustments:

"I thought the juxtapositions were great.

I await, not so patiently, the day that the true masters of our universe decide to replace the Wall Street puppets. The 'banksters' have done the work for the Chinese. And the "Communist" Chinese, in name only, have been playing us exactly as we thought we had been playing them. And when done with them they will cast them aside as they cast the U.S. public aside. The difference being that they have had a good ride and we the schmucks have paid the price.

All of our industry is in Asia. Every drop is spread out from Turkey to Japan and our "leaders" went along with it. The Yellow Peril was not really a threat, but poor misguided downtrodden peoples who needed our expertise and, of course, the panacea of the mass' Christianity.

The "downtrodden" have taken our industries, which we gave them, and taken our education home to their countries and told us to take our military help and the religions, so espoused by our leaders, and shove it.

It is much like the old joke about women having everything. They have all the money and all the p---y. In this case they have all the money and all the jobs.

There ain't no jobs, because there ain't no demand."

OKAY LARRY! But you really should learn to let us know how you really feel!

(And thanks for the comment!!!)