Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Far Left or Far Out?

If you look at the map of the United States Las Vegas and California can be said to be on the left.
Naturally I am speaking literally and not politically but the following is a reprint of an email I received from a friend on the left side of America.
And this time I mean it both ways!
The view from Vegas:
Nationalize the oil companies.
Guaranteed job or income for everyone, put to work on infrastructure investment projects, alternative energy projects, retrofitting buildings to be energy efficient, etc.
Cradle-to-grave Medicare-For-All. 
Child care for all. 
Eldercare for all. 
6 week paid vacation for everyone. 
Triple Social Security's payments, lower retirement age to 55. 
Worker representatives on Boards of Directors. 
Limits to the how much of larger companies can be owned by a person or entity. 
When companies reach a certain size they become public entities. (Because they have so much effect on everything.) 
Companies responsible for externalized cost payback. 
A person whose job is replaced by technology receives for life a share of the savings. 
Bring back 90% top tax rates.  (OK I have been agitating for that one.) 
Very very high estate taxes on very large estates.  Maybe up to 99% on estates over $1 billion. 
Freedom from distraction.  We have a right to our own attention, free from advertising and commercialization.  The right to public spaces free from commercialization. 
  • How many of these are even "far left" ideas? I'd agree with most of these.
    Basically I'm describing Europe here, not Maoist China. (And Europe is actually a bit to our right, I mean East!)

    Thanks to Larry F from Henderson, just outside of Vegas for the list. (Send him your hate mail via my blog if you are so inclined.  I did not compile the list, Adrian, I'm just the messenger.)

    Now I do not believe that all of the above could nor should be implemented in this country but when we even try to raise the Estate Tax to the still too low rate of 35% lawmakers who count on billionaires for bribe money almost have heart attacks!
    But one careful look at this wish list should make everyone aware how our laws are terribly skewed toward the wealthy.
    Ratification of any of the items so noted would cost the wealthy a tiny amount of their current and ever rising obscene profits.
    The 'right' will tell you that in doing so we will hurt job growth.  But the argument does not hold water, or anything else for that matter when you realize that for the 8 years under the 'wealthy-friendly' administration of 'W' we lost more jobs than we gained!
    Our nation should embrace the practice of compromise in a real and fair fashion.
    It would be a wise thing to do.
    After all a healthy give and take is, well healthy.
    And while I don't know about early to bed and early to rise surely a healthy nation is wealthy and wise.

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