Friday, December 31, 2010

Balance the Budget!

Balance the Budget or ‘BtB’ sounds like the acronym for Business to Business, a term used when one going concern sells its wares to another for eventual final mark-up and sale to the end consumer.
But this BtB leaves out all the middle men and silly end product or service thingies and makes the consumer PAY FOR NOTHING!
You will get nothing but you will pay!
Let’s face it when politicians, and especially the so-called fiscally responsible yet hypocritically phony Republicans say they wish to balance the budget what they are really saying is screw the poor and middle classes.
Now some may feel that I am merely using hyperbole (I use words like hyperbole to confuse the likes of Sarah Palin and her friends who’ve never seen the inside of a book.)
But when I say the Republicans are out to get the middle class just look at the facts.
Tax cuts for people who do not need tax cuts, aka the filthy rich is about to cause a record and unsustainable increase in the deficit.
If the deficit rises too far in order to keep the Nation afloat we will have to float loans at dangerously high interest levels and borrow money from wonderfully friendly places like China.
And this will merely kick the can down the road to our children and their children.
As a result of this strategy cuts in services become necessary.
And on whose backs will those cuts fall?
Well we've just given the wealthy a tax gift or rather continued the gift from 'W' so they won’t be involved.  And that leaves, uh, er, um who exactly?
Well by process of elimination we’re about to eliminate the middle class.
But first we must appease that group of eunuchs with a ‘Trojan Horse’ type of gift in the form of a tiny tax cut of their own.
When you are making $50,000 per year a 3% tax cut is nice but it won’t get you a new car.
However 3% for one of those wonderful hedge fund managers who took in over one billion dollars last year and add so much to society allows them to buy a dealership and have enough left over for a nice year long vacation.
Of course the extra walking around money for these pillars of mankind might allow them to hire one or two workers but at minimum wage only and possibly just part time.  After all there is always that ‘uncertainty’ thing hanging around in the future somewhere.
Next we lower the Social Security payroll deduction from 6.2 % to 4.2%.  This means the average worker, assuming he or she is still employed will receive an extra pittance in their post deduction take home pay pocket.
But before you go out and book the Plaza for your next affair you should know that our leaders have just removed millions of dollars from an already hurting fund meant to cushion our ‘golden years.’
In other words they are starting to chip away at that most socialistic program of all, Social Security.
And who will be hurt most when Social Security is gone, the wealthy?
Give me a break!
I happen to love the guy but does anyone think Warren Buffet will be relying on his Social Security payments to get him through his retirement?
Next on the agenda for the new majority in the House but thankfully not the Senate will be the dismantling of another program meant to help the eunuchs in the middle class, health care reform.
Why should the wealthy corporations have to take care of the little guy?  After all the more money they spend on those ragamuffins the less bribe dollars there are to go around from “K Street.”
So what’s the solution?
Should we just forget about the budget?
No indeed!
Balancing the budget is a good thing.  And it’s been done before, under Democratic Presidents with the help of a Congress that had the greater good in mind.
Unfortunately these days the only thing these hypocrites have on their minds is who will be in charge after the next election and then the one after that.
The heat of summer had not yet passed and all we heard on the news was who is running for President in 2012!
So as far as our government is concerned damn the middle class, full speed ahead.
Perhaps it is time for the little people to understand what is going on in DC and the board rooms of the corporations that own that town.
Perhaps WE should start threatening second amendment rights!
Of course that's just as absurd a notion now as it was when that idiot from Nevada first said it but...
When the government does not listen or worse, does not care about WE THE PEOPLE it may be time for WE THE PEOPLE to speak a little louder!


Robin said...

Anyone serious about cutting the national debt knows there are only two places where the big money is to cut - the defense budget and social security/med-care.

To payoff a $14 trillion debt both need to be cut. Why are we spending trillions of dollars a year keeping a 1.5 million man military all around the world?

Why do we care so much about social security when the people collecting the benefits are the people/generation that got us in this mess? Anyone under 50 most likely will never see a dime of social security money.

Medicare/medicaid money is again going to the same generation on people that ceated this mess - on the backs of young people that go without healthcare.

The separation in the US is not Red s Blue states - it in the young vs. the old.

Cousin Bruce said...

Thanks for the comment Robin.
Your first 7 words tell the story - NOBODY IS SERIOUS ABOUT THE DEBT!
Okay, some will talk about it and even posture and propose legislation but only after making sure the bill doesn't have enough votes to pass.
The bottom line is, as you said, not BLUE vs. RED but not only young vs. old. It's also rich vs. poor and you and I (I'm assuming here) are at a huge disadvantage.
And then - Sayonara losers! :-D

Cousin Bruce said...

From my friend and mostly some time reader and commenter from Henderson, Nevada right outside and to the right physically of Las Vegas (the place where dreams are smashed, right Ms. Angle?) comes the following comment:

great piece...
interesting to see what the tea bagged are going to say when all their thoughts about a balanced budget, reduced spending and other pie in the sky aspirations do not come to fruition.

Thanks to Larry F. for that.