Thursday, March 28, 2019


Kids who’re disabled or have trouble in school
Those who don’t like me or call me a sad fool
They just don’t get it; they don’t know the score
They’re but a few things of which I abhor

People with AIDS or some other bad sickness
Those with no money or than me may have less
Of all these creature I ask what they’re for
They’re but a few things of which I abhor

Money that’s spent on the needy or riff-raff
Disloyalty in my party or my staff
That’s when I need a good rally or more
To forget those things that I do abhor

CNN guys
Think they’re so wise
Pointing out my lies
At this point give up boys, it’s really a bore
The TRUTH is what I abhor

Liberals, Progressives and all things Obama
Days without turmoil or traitorous drama
These are the things that I try to ignore
Cause they’re the things that I really abhor

Sessions, McCain and Jim Comey: Disloyal
Causing such grief as they all made my blood boil
I showed them all the quick way out the door
Cause they’re the types that I really abhor

Low IQ Waters and dumb Pocahontas
Go after me with their lies, making big fuss
Calling me racist, a bigot and more
God all these women I really abhor

When the Dems vote
Or I see a note
That reporters wrote
I simply remember the things I abhor
And smile as my fortunes soar!

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