Wednesday, June 13, 2018


How often have we heard that the cover-up is worse than the crime?
Watergate was bad but the cover-up doomed Nixon.
However he resigned prior to impeachment because deep down HE WAS A PATRIOT!
That's right, as much as I disliked the guy he understood the severity of the crime and he realized the damage the cover-up was doing to America and so he chose to end it with his resignation.

Fast forward to another GOP President, GW Bush.
He had some good points and clearly had many bad ones.
But while many viewed him as an idiot he was able to get enough partisan help to get elected twice so who were the dumb ones?
But in keeping with the theme we must admit he cannot be blamed for Hurricane Katrina devastating the State of Louisiana.
But he sure as hell can be faulted for the totally inept response of his administration!
Yeah, he sure did a heck of a job, didn't he?

Skip ahead once again to the culmination of ineptitude in governance, dt! (Sorry but I just cannot bring myself to use it's full name.)
I almost don't know where to begin with this AWFUL leader but in keeping with the crime & response theme:
Once again no one is to blame for Hurricane Maria BUT this bastard's response borders on treason against Americans!
Of course there are many problems in the country today and Puerto Ricans dying or living without power and sadly hope may not be the biggest one but it sure is a festering one!
You cannot fix their on-going problems by throwing paper towels at them like it was a spillage of milk!
And for those who'll undoubtedly say dt can't be bothered by little things I say true leaders know how to delegate.
Even mid level managers know how to delegate!
Have intelligent, caring and capable people in the administration work on helping Puerto Rico while his mind is elsewhere.
Sadly there ARE no intelligent, caring and capable people in his administration

But while his emolument filled pockets & greedy mind think only of himself and how he can gain accolades for what he thinks are his greatest deeds there is a group of mostly old white guys who could put an end to his traitorous behavior, the GOP Congress!
The GOP controlled House of reprehensible Representatives and the GOP owned Senate house the true criminals in this horror filled reality show.
Their silence is deafening!
With everything that has and is happening to America and the World that silence amounts to a criminally negligent  cover-up.

But we're not done yet.
There is still hope for America.
The window of opportunity is small and if we don't act it may  close.
Our next & perhaps last chance to right the wrongs the GOP Congress refuses to address comes on November 6th of this year.
It is clear what the GOP stands for & is standing for!
It also clear that we cannot allow them to continue ruining America.

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