Tuesday, June 27, 2017

ABCs of the GOP

When in the minority the GOP blocked every possible move to make America great and move us forward in the World. And with every bill or rule they blocked they blamed the Democrats for not getting anything done.

But as bad and un-American as these terroristic tactics were they pale next to the fact that uneducated under-informed voters in America rewarded this terrible behavior by electing them into the majority.

Actually, a majority of Americans voted for the Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton.  But the Electoral Kindergarten and years of insidious gerrymandering by the Republicans negated the will of the people and installed a totally inept man into the White House and instilled hatred across the land.

Here are the simple ABCs of the anti-USA GOP. Every line has backup so please click the links (bold lettering) that support each claim for more information:

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