Friday, January 20, 2017


Partisanship in DC has become the single greatest threat to a working governmental environment and we the people have been caught in the crossfire.
Who is doing what to whom?  Fingers can be pointed at both parties so which side is more to blame?  How do the Republicans and Democrats differ?
One striking difference between the two major political parties in America today is that if a Democrat in power has a good idea the Republicans will go out of their way to block it rather than give the other side a victory.
The GOP seems to think government is a game and they own the ball. If you’re not going to play me then I’m taking my ball home!
The other side of the coin has not been as steadfast a rule since the Democrats have been willing to join the Republicans should they ever come up with a good idea for the entire country.
It’s this childish mentality that caused Mitch McConnell to declare his vow to block everything President Obama tried to accomplish during his tenure as leader of the free World.  He even went so far as to state that his number one job was to make Mr. Obama a one term President!
McConnell and his teammates tried to stop any attempt to give Americans affordable healthcare. Then they wasted time in Congress that could have been spent governing and moving America forward by wasting tax payer dollars constantly voting to repeal the life saving bill.  With nothing in mind to replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA) it’s clear they just cannot allow history to show that Mr. Obama and the Democrats accomplished something good!
And to tie this act of partisan childishness together with the main theme of the post the ACA was fashioned after Massachusetts’ so called Romney Care!
What were major differences between the two plans? Aside from the fact that one covered only people in one State not much.  Of course one was proposed and put forth by a white Republican.  Hmmm, I can’t think of too many other differences except the scale of the project and the fact that the ACA would help many more lower income families going forward.
And to bring another fact into light note that the Massachusetts legislature that went along with and worked on Romney Care alongside the Republican governor was overwhelmingly controlled by Democrats. They felt that giving the people a win was more important than blocking one for the Republicans!
One other point among so many I could note is that President Obama nominated a judge to the Supreme Court a year ago and even though Mr. Merrick Garland was considered by Republicans to be an incredibly fair judge they refused to even meet with him!  Many were quoted in the past saying Judge Garland would make a very fine choice for the Supreme Court.
What changed?
Oh, right!
The Democrats are starting to learn that this tactic, when used with a media blitz and fake news stories may actually reward bad behavior with reelections, control of Congress and even the White House.
But going forward I am certain the Democrats will not abandon their love of country as have their political opponents.  I don’t see the minority in Congress begging foreign powers to hack the GOP for dirt to embarrass them and take them down. The mere thought of doing so used to be considered treasonous.
I am also certain that should the odd and occasional good idea come forward from the other side of the aisle the Democratic Party will embrace it.
So if the Democrats want to help Americans and the ever shrinking Middle Class survive the next two or four years they will have to play ball.  After all bullies always seem to have a way of winning, at least until their followers finally realize that the truth is they don’t care about anyone but themselves!

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