Wednesday, January 25, 2017


I sincerely believe that the wonderful and talented Sammy Davis Jr would not be too upset with this slightly altered version of one of his great hits.

Gonna build me a big wall
Don’t need no bill
Gonna build me a big wall
Like I said I will
Gonna build me a big wall
Gonna build it high
I don't know how I'm gonna do it
And really even don’t know why

Gonna get me a gold stream
Flowing warm and true
Gonna bathe in that gold stream
Till I'm turning blue
Gonna love that gold stream
I am telling you
Gonna build a big wall and a gold stream
Gonna make them both come true

Gonna be in heaven
While you’re all in hell
Gonna be in heaven
So you can go to hell
When I build my big wall using all your cash
Then I sit in my gold stream at the big wall
And I'll be in pig heaven there.

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