Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Once upon a midnight dreary
Whilst I pondered weak and weary
Over many a quaint and curious election cycle I had known
Suddenly a thought so fleeting
As if yonder sheep were bleating
And nefarious words appeared as if by ghost they had been flown

There upon my ‘puter screen POW
Are these words to be consumed now?
How could such a childish rant be thought and lo be written down?
Yet with sorrow didst I read it
Devoid of truth and lacking sane wit
Were these words the product of a clear mind or a sick sick clown?

Sadly thought I this cannot be
From this terror please set me free
For my soul is far too tired and heart skips oh too many beats
Yet I note that many out there
Think this heathen with the strange hair
Worthy of our nation’s nod despite insane 3 am tweets

Let us not be building fences
As if we fear SeƱor Wences
Don’t lump all from other lands with hatred and a pillory
Turn away from fear, hate and sin
Repubs be gone let hope and love win
With head held high stand tall and vote the right choice clearly Hillary

Should We Trump?

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