Monday, September 26, 2016


Breakfast at the Friday Harbor Suites was followed by a fast turn around and departure for the Washington State Ferry.

A few photos of the harbor area before departing is in order.

This would take us to Anacortes and our last coach ride of the tour to Seattle and the familiar Warwick Hotel.

Is that a sub??
The Russians are coming,
The Russians are coming?
Tiny lighthouse on
an equally tiny island

We dropped our bags and took a quick walk to the famous Pike Place Market.

I wonder what the market specializes in?

I think it may have something to do with the sea.

The market runs for many blocks and in some spots 3 levels with arts and crafts sprinkled in with the obvious.                            
After eating and window shopping I negotiated for a better price on hermetically sealed delicious salmon.
Who knew you could actually negotiate to get a better price just by talking too much?  Luckily I have been known to have that skill.
From the market you can see the fisherman's pier and the ferris wheel we visited a few ferry rides ago.

Armed with back pack filled with boxed salmon we moseyed to the monorail and a short, one stop trip to the Space Needle. The elevator to the 520' top moves at 10MPH.  Sadly your tummy only moves at 9mph so wait a moment before getting off.

The views from the top are quite breath taking as well.

You can see the world from up here!

But as beautiful as it was up there the beauty down below was even better!

Because that's where we found the Seattle Center's exhibit of Chihuly Glass.

I'm almost embarrassed to admit that we had never heard of the place or Dale Chihuly's product but will now never forget it!
Here are but a few examples of his immaculate pieces, believe me I took more photos: (As always you can click on any photo to enlarge it.)

We considered purchasing a few of these works of art but felt it would be hard to get them in our luggage what with all the lavender we bought so we reluctantly passed.  Prices for any of the individual works was quite reasonable. Most were in the $10,000 to $25,000 range but you could get a steal at $5,000 on a couple.

Before heading back to the Warwick we stopped in for a drink at the museum coffee shop.

Even this place was adorned with artwork, on the walls, ceiling and embedded in the glass museum box tables. 

Every table had a different inset under glass.  Very clever!

Our last night on the RST ended on a high note, at least dinner-wise in a private dining room at the back of LolaRestaurant.

This was touted as Greek food but it was Greek food like a pair of Crocs is Dorothy's Ruby Red Slippers or Camden, NJ is Santorini, Greece.

The program wrap included a final speech from Roger and the sharing of emails for all the weary but satisfied travelers.

Even the subway stations have examples of artwork with murals on most of the walls.

 We took the light rail directly to the SeaTac airport for our flight back to reality.

Cheers to those who journeyed with us:
Allen & Sue; Ann & Trish; Ginny; Edna; Michael & Vi; Avery & Debby; Marion & Tom; Elaine & Bill; Nancy & Phil; Susan & Dan; Wayne & Bobbie; Louise & Richard; Henry & Mary; Anna & Buck; Jack & Doris; Bev; Gayle & Sharon; Rebecca & Kate & of course Roger.

We trust all had a safe trip home, may the road always rise up to meet you!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! What a great travelogue!
Accurately stated in every detail.
Great photos; The fish eye worked well for you.
It was a great trip with wonderful presenters and such
personable, friendly folks.
Thanks so much for your summary.

Bruce Resch said...

I am so very happy you enjoyed reliving the trip. And we too had a great time on tour with all the nice road scholars we met!

Brooks said...

What, only this tiny selection of photos? I want the outtakes!

Seriously...a masterpiece, Bruce. I don't want to even take a stab at how long it took you to assembled this personal, good-humored and funny account. Ours would be a bit less positive here and there but we wholeheartedly agree that Roger was terrific, our collective chemistry was amazing for a group of 30+ and the sights and sounds and info was well worth the time and expense.

Thanks for posting!

Bruce Resch said...

I am honored sir! Of course with such fun people to share the trip with the story nearly wrote itself (Of course I had to edit it a bit but...)
Hope to meet up somewhere down the road. Till then CHEERS TO YOU AND YOUR BRIDE!!