Saturday, February 16, 2013

Enemies Mine

America has always had enemies and most likely always will.  Some say they hate us for our freedom and others for our arrogance but one thing most of our enemies have in common is their secret desire to visit and even live here.
Of course I am not speaking of mindless evil minded terrorists who care only about killing but rather those with defined differences in ideologies.  Some are jealous of our success and frustrated with their own government.
For example the leadership of Iran is an enemy who funds terrorists and insurgents around the world in an effort to harm America and our allies.  If you were to analyze their motives you might come away shaking your head at the stupidity of it all.  But the citizens of that repressed society actually admire America!
In Pakistan the leaders have banned Valentine’s Day saying it promotes vulgarity among the masses.  Yet they don’t seem to have any problem with suicide bombings.
Creating tension for the sake of creating tension is a form of insanity.  Fox news and their puppets on the right have long been proponents of doing just that.
President Barack Obama
And when a nation or group hates America they generally point to our leader or leaders as the focal point of their anger.
In that respect President Obama is no different from his predecessors and he definitely has his share of haters around the world.  But he holds the dubious distinction of having more enemies to deal with than any American President before him.  And that’s because so many of these haters ARE Americans.
I am not just talking about a simple political partisanship hate used to stoke a voter turnout fire but rather a deep seated intense possibly racially motivated and totally irrational violent hate that is so unfounded and unreasonable as to border on insanity.  And that border is as thin as it is porous.
Take the Republican Party in Congress and the first words out of the mouth of Senator Mitch McConnell after Mr. Obama became President Obama.  “Our number one job is to make Obama a one term President.”  The stance morphed a bit in 2012 to, “Our number one job is to get Obama out of office.”
Self Admitted Obstructionist
Undeserving of the title of
Senator Mitch McConnell
One certainly could have hoped that the Republican Party would have made fixing the economy and helping Americans their top priority but then one would have been terribly wrong!
And every step of the way since making that nearly terrorist-like statement aimed at dismissing what the majority of voters indicated they wanted McConnell’s party has acted irrationally.  They voted against their own bills when and if the President came on board.  They back tracked on every piece of legislation they had originally proposed once the President agreed with them.
In a sort of comic ‘Bizarro World’ fashion Mr. Obama would have had to say he was against something in order to get it enacted!  And when he moved closer to their stance in negotiations they slithered further away to the right until they couldn't get much farther lest they fall off the face of the Earth.  And still they would not compromise.  In fact many in their camp consider compromise to be a curse word avoided at all costs.
And with the silent filibuster many of these cowardly lions of the Republican Party hid behind a loophole in the Senate regulations to stop his every attempt at moving America forward.  Mr. Obama has had the least amount of appointees approved by Congress since time began and had to suffer through a record number of filibusters aimed at creating a stagnation nation.
The Party of NO has even had the nerve to stop him from appointing his own cabinet members!  What’s next, telling him who he may have dinner with?
Never Elected to anything
Grover Norquist
Right wing lunatic Grover Norquist, who has never been elected by any human to any office, has had a hold on the Republican Party for years.  He actually stated that his party of choice should allow the President a tiny increase on our ‘debt ceiling’ every 3 months and let him continue raising it ONLY IF HE BEHAVES!  Who the hell is this little weasel to demand the duly elected leader of the country behave?
Useless despicable turd
And speaking of hate mongering weasels, how about a many times failed billionaire with horrendous hair constantly seeking publicity who demands to see proof that Mr. Obama is who he says he is?
But he and his ilk are not alone and the message they promote is repeated across the under educated world of Fox News network viewers and readers.
Many Americans who tend to live in this ‘bubble’ are unaware of the terrible tactics these so called leaders of their party were and are pulling.  They became disillusioned with the President and turned against him.  And as any self-fulfilling prophesy will do this fueled the feverish fires of the Republican Party further.  They saw their evil tactics being rewarded so they doubled down their efforts to ruin the economy and keep Americans unemployed or underemployed at best.
But the President was reelected.  And for the second time he garnered a majority of the popular vote. And Congress remains mired in a record low approval rating.  So one would guess they would change their tactics.  And once again one would be wrong.
Some of the Republican Party have taken to calling for less stupidity in their ranks realizing the public perception is finally taking a turn toward reality.  It may be too little too late.
Growing up I was told that when you hate someone it only hurts you. That may be true but when the ‘you’ that’s doing the hating happens to be an entire political party there is bound to be a great deal of collateral damage!
Enemies don't have to remain
thus - Truly evolved people
can learn to become friends
Our two political parties will always have ideological differences and neither side will ever be 100% right.  That’s why we need at least parties with clearly defined messages and beliefs.  But we also need and deserve representatives who know the meaning of the words compromise and especially governance!
And all sides must understand that elections have meanings and consequences!
It’s time for the hating of this American born non-Muslim President to end and for constructive governing to begin!

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