Sunday, February 3, 2013

Dysfunction Junction

If one were to interpret the beliefs of what Republican and Conservative members of Congress think on two important issues in the news these days it might be that killing humans may only start after they have left the womb!
That provocative statement comes as a simple extrapolation of the arguments made by those groups and a juxtaposition of their talking points.
They claim that we must stop all abortions no matter what the circumstance but at the same time we must not infringe upon the rights of gun owners and in many cases mentally unstable individuals from obtaining weapons of mass murder.
In one case a woman has no choice but to bring a pregnancy to term even if she was brutally raped or was the victim of unconscionable incest.  She must even bring the future child into the world if it is medically evident the child will be severely deformed and may not live past a few agonizing and painful months.
And many of the less rational advocates of the far right support the murder of abortion providers in order to stop them!
That life begins at conception is the key to the ‘personhood’ movement, an attempted end run by the ‘right’ around the current law of the land known as Roe V Wade.
Attempts to change or at least parse the legal definition of birth back 9 months does not change the fact but rather points out the absurdity and contradictions of the right wing’s stance.

But on the other hand the uproar and outcry that came from the same groups over proposed gun control legislation aimed at making all Americans, including those brought to term after abortions, safer was deafening.
And what prompted this sudden defensive offensive move?
Obviously it was the massacre at the Newtown Elementary school.
It was merely the latest tragedy in our country involving such wanton destruction of life.
In fact so many of these types of massacres are occurring they soon may not even make the front page.
Words cannot fully express our
feelings for these beautiful children
But in Newtown so many beautiful innocent 6 six year olds and their caring brave teachers were viciously attacked and murdered for no apparent reason by the mentally deranged son of a strange now dead legal gun owning woman.
Leading the charge to continue allowing anyone interested in obtaining assault weapons the opportunity to kill more children and other Americans was the current ‘from my cold dead hands’ leader of the NRA Wayne LaPierre.
This major contributor to the coffers and pockets of our Congressmen hid behind the 2nd Amendment of the U S Constitution, an amendment clearly in need of an update.
LaPierre seemed to argue that it would be a slippery slope to take away Americans’ God given rights to own guns of any kind.
I can't wait for his
cold dead hands
to relinquish control
of Congress!
The fact that Mr. LaPierre represents and is paid quite handsomely by gun and assault weapons manufacturers and not the average citizen who have no interest in carrying such things should make suspect any testimony he gives on the subject.
And speaking of his testimony, why does he get a seat in front of Congress?
I realize in America we wish to hear all sides of an issue in order to make a more rational decision but listening to his incredibly partisan paid for opinion is like asking a fox whether there should be more hens placed in house.
When you realize that the stance on the above issues comes from the same people it should make your head spin.
I do not think that the Republican Party wishes more fetuses to come to term so that they may be used as target practice but this sort of inconsistency undermines many of their arguments.
And when we add the fact that the Republican led House of Representatives voted over 40 times to overturn President Obama’s Affordable Care Act aimed at making healthcare more attainable for every American you clearly see their belief that life may begin at conception but no longer matters after birth!  That is unless you are born with a so-called silver spoon in your mouth and are a scion of the 1%.
If life is sacred, all life then why do they stop caring about it at birth?
The Republican Party has become as dysfunctional as their own words and the ideals they appear to espouse and it’s past time to let them know we’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it, or elect them anymore!

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