Sunday, January 27, 2013

Arms or Life?

The second amendment to the constitution says we may not infringe upon the right to bear arms in a well regulated militia.
But what constitutes a militia?
Is it a bunch of guys getting together to take on people they don't like?
Is it a neighborhood watch that goes after anyone wearing a hoodie?
Is it a mentally ill bunch of people hell bent on killing anyone they consider to be an illegal alien?
Or is it a police force?
And the arms of which the founders, who died 200 years ago and knew only of single shot rifles and muskets, are they multiple shot magazines or surface to air missiles?
If you are going to follow the exact word of the Constitution or the Bible for that matter, because it seems as though many who blindly believe in one think the other is THE authority then how can you condone what is going on today?
So which of the following did the founding fathers mean when they said bear arms: 

My kind of bare arms!
Take that!

Surely they never envisioned babies having to run for their lives because another crazy got his hands on another LEGAL weapon of mass destruction!
If we cannot stop the NRA
this scene WILL be repeated!

Surely they never thought a gun in every home or a gun in the hands of every idiot the country could produce!

When will cooler heads and brains prevail?
Of course I am dissing members of the NRA on purpose because they surely don't care about the lives of any human being in the world.
They only care about making money!
We should only care about getting rid of evil greedy bastards like that!
Violence is not the answer!
Legislate against concealed weapons
Legislate against multi-clip magazines
Legislate FOR humans!
You and we the people
will sleep better at night!
This is America, the land of the free and the home of the brave.  But that does not mean we should all be carrying guns with hundreds of bullets to kill anyone we don't like!
When will the murders end?
When will Americans finally get our leaders to understand, WE LIKE OUR CHILDREN!
The Republican Party which has recently not only earned their title of the party of no says that they wish to bring every pregnancy to full term no matter how the woman was impregnated, be it rape or incest etc.
But as soon as the child is born they have no problem with it being gunned down as long as the rights of the gun owner is not impeded!
We must defeat this insanity if we are to continue being the most admired country in the world.
We must stop war mongering groups like the NRA and rip from their cold dead hands the money they bribe Congressmen and women with.
We must vote out of office any legislator with an "A" or "B" rating from that disgusting low-life animalistic group of so-called human beings!
Stop the wanton loss of life for once and for all!
Our founding fathers would want that and would have it no other way!


Anonymous said...

DO you ever present any factual information or you just regurgitate liberal political hype. I won't use any facts about the post-gun-regulation violent crime rates in other countries like the UK and Australia because you obviously think we can't be compared to Russia or the likes. So Let's look at some facts from here at home. Chicago has the most stringent gun regulation in the country next to NYC...Chicago also holds the record for the murder capital of the counrty, school shootings, (35@four high schools in 2012) and the most cops killed by guns. Guns that are smuggled, stolen, and sold in backrooms, trunks and ally's...not gun shows. Try Again.

Reschzoo said...

Perhaps you are placing the cart before the horse as it were. Did you ever think that Chicago has the most stringent laws in America BECAUSE of the problem? Talk to me in a few years after those laws hopefully start working.
Why is it whenever humans try to stop insane violence aided and abetted by guns, illegal OR legal gun mongering people come out of the woodwork to fight?
What are you afraid of?
Do you really think the government is coming after you to take your killing machine away?
You and thousands, no millions like you will still be allowed to carry your guns, evil scumbag schmucks like Wayne LaPierre will see to that but if you really don't want a ban on assault weapons than you need help!
But as always, I could be wrong and thanks for the comment.

Anonymous said...

Once again, "the problem" you keep speaking of is PEOPLE...not guns. The ban you call for will accomplish nothing in the present or future. Chicago has had these laws for several years, the Clinton era ban of 1994 had little to no effect on gun violence as well. These are violent criminals that don't follow laws, there will never be a way to remove all guns from the criminal. And even if you could then it would be replaced by a knife, or a bat, etc. The point is, any new legislation is only adhered to by law abiding citizens. The result is a disarmed populace that will only be victimized by criminals. Summed up as, "If you outlaw guns only outlaws will have guns." Am I afraid the govt is coming to take my guns? No I'm not,because supporters of the 2nd won't stand for that. But I am afraid that this is the ultimate goal of many liberals like Diane Feinstein and the likes, and any legislation passed is a gateway to death by 1000 cuts. So supporters of the 2nd will remain vigil and uphold our constitution, which is not up for litigation or review by the furthest feather of the left wing.

Anonymous said...

Oh and please tell me how an assault weapons ban would have stopped the VT shooting that killed 33 using standard semi-automatic pistols and standard magazines. The columbine shooting also occurred DURING the Clinton era ban. If I remember correctly, there is a famous quote the goes something like, "anticipating a different outcome by repeating the same thing is lunacy".

Anonymous said...

On a side note, I would like to thank you for a valid, professional response. It seems MANY of the anti-gun supporters completely lack the ability to defend their opinion or provide a counter argument without throwing a fit and stomping out of the room (figuratively speaking). kudos.

Reschzoo said...

Glad we can agree to disagree without the fit etc as you note above. I learned a long time ago that an argument or a debate must remain as civil as possible or it devolves into an endless medley of, "Oh yeahs?"
As a teen I was in an argument with a sort of bully in my neighborhood. At one point he yelled, "Oh you're just a freaking idiot!" So I walked away and he followed me asking where i was going? I said "We're finished. I can't argue with you anymore cause I'm an idiot!"
I iwll never see the need to own so many guns but I would never deny law abiding citizens from having them as long as they remain safely stored & safely used, if they must be used at all.
Everyone has different reasons for doing whatever it is they do. As Shakespeare wrote, "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy." But then again what the hell did he know, he was just a Brit. :-)