Saturday, January 26, 2013

Just Another Day

The archdiocese of Milwaukee may seek governmental help in the form of bankruptcy protection so that it does not have to pay the money they owe to the people they hired to do work for them. These takers are the likes of consultants and attorneys.
First of all I wish to know how much money the archdiocese has paid in taxes over the course of its existence to that government from which it seeks to garner bankruptcy protection.
What did you say?
You don’t pay taxes?
I see.
And why is that?
Important to
have faith but
more important
to donate money?
Oh, you are the hand of God and provide dissemination of his, or her, word on Earth and should therefore not be encumbered by man’s petty laws.
And you feel the people and the government should actually pay you for your advice and help entering the next world?
Got it.
How about you and your colleagues go forth and multiply yourselves, by yourselves?
Perhaps you should use some of the money you saved by not paying taxes as you hid behind religion to pay the people you used and who DO pay taxes from their income.
If we are ever to have true separation of Church and State we will have to separate Churches from some of the vast wealth they hide from the IRS.

LIPA is going after a man who bilked the agency out of $40K and I applaud the prosecution.
I feel that any person or entity that steals, robs or scams others should be brought to justice.
And that brings us back to LIPA.
You see LIPA has never been brought to justice for bilking Long Islanders out of more than 100 times the amount they lost to that guy!
This inept group of greedy scheming do-nothings should first pay back all the money they basically stole by lying through the years that they were in any way nearly competent enough to run a gas station let alone an entire energy concern.
Workers from out of state had to be
called in to do the work our local
inept management couldn't get done
Long Island pays either the highest rates in the country for its energy or damn close to it and gets nothing extra in return except excuses whenever the power fails or rates must go higher.
Rule Britannia!
And anyone wishing to find out if they are managed well need look no further back in time than to how they and their parent National Grid, a British Company, handled the aftermath of super storm Sandy.
Nothing like absentee ownership for a local utility.

And today’s last story of note concerns the good old Long Island Railroad.
The LIRR had weather related delays this week due to the extreme cold conditions on Long Island.
Note to the incredibly inept management: Next winter will also be cold so start actually planning for it NOW!
It's cold out. Now what?
And while you are at it I wish to let you in on another secret, it will be very hot this summer!
Some of you may think it’s not fair to go after the LIRR for what I call their innate inbred intolerable lack of intelligence but let’s look at the facts; they have no obvious contingency plans set for any unforeseen problem; and cannot handle any emergency because they have never learned from the same emergencies they faced in the past!
A perfect example of top to bottom lack of basic intelligence happened a few years ago on an express train I was riding.
An announcement informed us that we were being taken out of service due to a problem with the brakes.
No one can argue with safety issues so we gathered our coats and got ready to detrain.
But the train was supposed to stop at Merrick, Bellmore and its last stop Wantagh only!  However, in the rain, we stopped in Freeport, the station before Merrick and were told to exit.
I found myself in the middle of a drizzled upon crowd with the conductor next to me.
I asked him why we were thrown off at Freeport.
He said they were afraid the brakes weren’t going to work and wanted everyone off as soon as possible.
“But,” I said “we stopped here and 100% of the riders will now have to crowd onto the next train in order to get home.  However if we made the one necessary stop in Merrick then one third of these people would be going home now leaving far fewer of us to board the next trains.”
His response was priceless. He blinked twice and shook his head then merely said, “Hah!”
I had handed him a revelation!
I have so many more such stories but they will all point out one fact; this is a very poorly run entity.
This is not the first ever cold winter we’ve lived through and the summer heat will not be the first time the thermometer rises above 90 for a while!  But I guarantee we will have so-called weather related delays in July and August just as sure as I was stuck waiting for my delayed morning train on cold, windy below zero wind chill mornings this past week.
The railroad claims that they are using industry standard rails that should hold up through all temperatures so there should not be a problem.
But these rails continue to crack in the cold and buckle in the heat so perhaps they should rethink that last statement.
Sorry, I said Rethink as if they had thought in the first place!
It reminds me of a woman I worked with many years ago who was ten minutes late every day.  I asked her why and she told me that the first day she started the job the bus she took got her there five minutes early so she’s been taking that bus ever since and it wasn’t her fault it’s been late thereafter!
I asked if it was possible the bus was early that one time and the later schedule is the normal one, especially since it’s been late for years now?
She got mad, walked away and kept coming in late.
But I digress.
In one respect the LIRR management does think.
They think about the rates we sheep pay for the horrid service they offer.
And once again the fares will be rising while service is dropping or at best remaining poor.
We are constantly told that costs are going up but who is getting the increased money generated by this rape of the consumer?
Certainly not the vast group known as the middle class as I assure you none are being inundated with raises at work so why the increase in all costs?
Are the increased prices going to management?
When and where do we draw the line?

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