Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Follies for the Middle Class (Thanks Mr. Sondheim)

Fox News & Small Pox, all kinds of plagues
And I'm here, I'm still here.
Radical Repubs; SCOTUS gone wild but I'm here
I'm still here.
Kill all the unions,
Screw healthcare
A conscience in DC?
That’s quite rare
Lived through trickle down economics
And I'm here!

Cheney & Palin; Chads and the radical right
And I'm here
Bailouts and blowouts;
Money's incredibly tight
And I'm here
Taxes are killing the middle class
Repubs have their heads up their ass
Wealthiest few get a damn free pass
And I'm here
I sold all my silver, gold and brass
And I’m here

I've lived through Rove and his brain trying to lead us
Who the hell is that prick?
Or better yet
Let's give the vote to a fetus
What's the matter with Rick?

Long dong; Scalia; Roberts; Alito and such
And I'm here
Boehner and Grassley; Ryan and Cohen's out of touch
And I'm here
I've lived through Limbaugh, Bill-O too
Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter all screw you
I survived Nixon & Reagan and I'm here!
Mission accomplished wasn't
And I'm here!

The President's Kenyan; a Muslim; Illegal
And he must be removed
The right has all of the brains of a beagle
And no claims can be proved

Tea Party madness
Funded by sick brothers Koch
And I’m here
Watching Repub debates
Damn what a sad bunch; a joke
And I’m here
Please tell me that it will all soon end
The Democratic Party won’t break we’ll bend
I’m looking forward to November
And my friend
Four more fruitful years for Obama
To be here

And I’m here
Yes I’m here
I’m still heeeeeeere!

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Bruce Resch said...

This tweet was sent from a friend on Twitter, @2Boomer948 from New Jersey:
2bad twts Rnot also audible...could sing 140 characters with political message in Sondheim cadence!!! Liked that bit in your blog!

High praise indeed and I am quite happy she enjoyed it. I wish more people would comment, even if they were negative. (But please don't be negative :-D)