Monday, April 30, 2012

In the Land of the Blind...

Open your eyes America and see what is really going on.
Ronald Reagan was right (in more ways than one) with his campaign slogan running against Walter Mondale in 1980; he just got the spelling of the key word wrong. Under his rule and every Republican since it has been Mourning in America for the citizens that make up nearly 99% of the country.
Thomas Frank’s book, “What’s the Matter with Kansas” speaks of a problem that has become an American problem; education, or the lack thereof. And the poor education of the masses must be partly to blame. The less average people use their brains the more they tend to vote against their own best interest.
Our ‘two party’ system basically offers only two choices for any important government post. And this is true from local legislatures up to Congress and the White House.
What is a voter to do when both choices are awful?
How many times have people held their noses when entering the voting booth and pulling the lever (sic) for the least contemptible or lesser of two evils?
Sadly we are stuck with the current method and it seems as though we will be burdened with it for decades to come so it boils down to nuance.
Which party generally stands for the values you believe in?
Which party will, when push comes to shove, vote for your best interest?
The answer since the Supreme Court of the United States, SCOTUS handed down the unbelievably absurd decision to give corporations the same rights as human beings is neither. And no amount of empty head shaking by partisan appointee and Republican shill Alito will change the fact that the ruling was clearly anti-human!
But if one were to hearken back to a time before the insane ruling the party of the people would be the Democrats.
In New York there is a fight surrounding the minimum wage and whether or not it should stay at $7.25 per hour or should be raised to a far fairer $8.50.
All business owners naturally oppose it as it would appear to cut into their profits, key word profits! All Republicans also oppose it because anything that cuts into big business’ profit margins cuts into their lobbying money, AKA bribes.
I am actually against all Lobbies but I am also a realist so I will not demand they be totally banned from the halls of government since government would never kill the golden goose they rely on for vacations and obscene perks. But I do believe they should become more transparent so that we know who is paying for the private jet to that orgy in the Greek isles under the guise of a fact finding mission for a mayor of some hick town in the Midwest.
However that is another story and I do not wish to discuss it at this time.
If you look at the increase in wealth of the people of the so-called 1%, the wealthiest among the country, you will note that their fortunes have risen obscenely over the last couple of decades while the rest of the country has languished at levels close to poverty or at least sub standard amounts.
This is not an accident but rather a well thought out plan started by that fine actor of Bonzo movie fame, Reagan. (I will pause while any Republicans who accidentally stumbled upon this post kneel and genuflect.)
Across America the Republican Party has waged a war not just on women but on anyone not in the 1%.
And if you are in a union beware the wrath of Rove.
Unions tend to vote Democratic because unions are comprised of humans and humans know what’s good for them and who’s on their side.
Union busting has been a top priority ever since Bonzo’s equal killed the PATCO strike back in the early 80s.
And right about the time Reagan was tearing down the wall between Republicans and the living wages of union members’ the country became discouraged about strikes.
Emboldened by the success of the chimp in the White House the right started their campaign to eradicate all unions and deplete any Democratic leaning groups across America. And before Nancy took over all decisions for the Alzheimer President the path was set.
Fox joined the fight and weasels such as the now dead Andrew Breitbart hired equally disgusting low life scum such as James O’Keefe to make community organizers with voter registration agenda look bad.
One should ask the supposedly patriotic Republican Party why they continue to make voter suppression a top priority. It would appear to be an anti-American practice bordering on treason and certainly against the wishes and beliefs of the founding fathers that all citizens have a say in their government!
Perhaps the ‘no taxation without representation’ chapter was removed from their history books to be replaced by intelligent design and other nonsense.
Republicans continue to pick and choose which laws and regulations they like and which they choose to ignore and kill people for following.
Roe V Wade gave women abortion rights so the ‘right’ waged a war on the law and anyone in favor of the law.
Some unfeeling hypocrite coined the phrase Tiller the Baby Killer and Fox’s low-life resident O’Reilly goaded his audience of uneducated crazy viewers into murdering the good doctor in cold blood. The irony of murdering for the sake of life is naturally lost on easily manipulated weak minded Fox viewers.
Suppose a Democratic leaning commentator on MSNBC started a campaign to kill someone in the Republican Party for breaking the law, or following it for that matter? I wouldn’t know which Republican to start with as the camp of immoral ones on the 'right' is quite crowded. Perhaps we could list them alphabetically.
Suppose one of the Democrats placed gun sight targets over right leaning districts like the uneducated non-reading failed governor from Alaska?
What would Fox & allies say about that?
Rove would have a fake coronary!
Cheney would call for water-boarding.
Condoleeza would go out and buy more shoes.
But we only have ourselves to blame for allowing the lies of the Conservatives and their Republican comrades as they continue to spew hate filled speeches about Democrats.
President Obama is an American born citizen; Global Warming is a reality, and evolution exists whether one political party acknowledges the fact or not.
And yet over one quarter of the people of this country still deny at least two if not all three of the above.  And guess from which party those people hail?
So the Republican strategy has been working. And it has been working so well that they may soon not even bother to hide their anti-middle class tactics.
So many voters are painfully ill or under educated and are so focused on irrelevant issues that they see not the forest for the trees. And one side note; never forget that the Republican God himself, Ronnie, once famously blamed trees for polluting the Earth?  Look it up!
I hazard to suggest that a Republican leader could actually advocate the jailing of any voter who votes against their party and get away with the tyrannical tactic by invoking God, family values, pointing to his or her spouse and smiling at their fine church attending children. Of course his mistress would have to stay in the shadows while he did so.
The bottom line is that unless we the people wake up and open our eyes to the tyrannical tactics of the megalomaniacal party which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the 1% this country will continue its trek into the deep hole dug by the party of no.
Don’t be blind to the facts!

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