Friday, October 2, 2009

Two Heads are Better Than Three

Recently there has been talk of the need for a third party to keep the Democrats and Republicans honest.

First of all the premise is absurd on its face - Neither of those two parties have been honest for years.

But there is a fundamental problem with introducing a third party into the National mix for upcoming elections. In case you haven't noticed the economy is in the dumps and money is not flowing as freely as it once was.

With that in mind let's have a little compassion for those poor people in the lobbying business.

If there was another party running against the incumbent two that would increase the number of bribes needed by 50%!

People get real!

Do you really think the Health Insurance lobby can afford that much more? And suppose they told their current group of Congressional puppets that they will have to cut back on their bribe income? How well do you think that conversation would go? Grassly might have a coronary and Fox would blame it on Obama for starting the whole debate in the first place.

The National Rifle Association would not be happy, I can tell you that! And folks do we really want to piss off PWGs? (People with Guns.) I for one do not. They can keep their concealed weapons next to the concealed bribe money.

And let's face it - Does anyone really believe a new party would behave any differently? This system did not just spring up in the last few years. Congress has been cultivating the special interest groups and vice versa for as long as there has been a stock market.

And speaking of the Stock Market can we afford to make those guys and gals angry?

I should say not!

If we annoy them they might not loan us back any of the billions we gave them and their CEOs and families so that they could go on vacation and visit spas to release the stress caused by the economic disaster of last September.

No, I think the current two party system of do nothing Senators and Representatives who get nothing done while getting paid over and under the table is just fine. We really don't need to increase that number by half.

(Hey guys, now that I have said my piece in your defense can I get a job?)

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