Thursday, October 1, 2009

Send Out Da Noise - Let's Lose Our Funk

America needs to get rid of it's funk. But it cannot do so while all this nonsensical chatter continues. It is hard for us to think with all the yelling going on.

We are stuck in a childish political name-calling fight that is taking our eye off the target.

But there always two sides to every story and the good new - bad news scenario of the current health care debate is no exception. Unfortunately the good news side is helping the same people who should not even be in the discussion.

Instead of getting down to work and getting our health care and health insurance system fixed or at least off life support our leaders are engaged in infighting the likes of which have not been seen since the last time the Republicans were not fully in control. (See the Clinton years.)

Let's get one thing straight America was conceived to be a country governed "OF - BY - AND FOR THE PEOPLE." Now corporations, while made up OF people are NOT people in and of themselves. They are entities that have taken on a life all their own and like other organisms they desire to thrive even at the expense of their surroundings. In that respect they are quite similar to parasites but worse.

Parasites have to make their living off the body to which they are beholding for life. They feed off that body and suck as much of the life out of it without killing it for that would actually be suicide.

Our corporations do not see that death as a limit. Killing the host is but a step forward in their evolution. They will stop at nothing to gain their holy grail; unlimited, unfettered profits.

These corporations and their lobbies are making tremendous noise these days. The noise must not be confused as grass root discontent but rather paid for advertisements against the citizens of this country.

If the men and women of our government finally stopped collecting bribes from the parasite community and came up with regulations setting up a health care system for everyone the result might be the lowering of profit margins at many current insurance companies and the saving of our nest eggs and our health.

Would big insurance go out of business?

Not unless they refused to give up a portion of their obscene profits and start competing in a fair and equitable way.

What exactly is the definition of insurance?

It has two definitions depending on which side you ask.
To normal humans it is a bet we make and pay for up front hoping never to win. But if we need to tap into the funds we have paid in advance in the event of a health care need or an accident we have the peace of mind knowing that the money is there for us.
To Big Insurance it is a bet that they accept knowing in their heart of hearts that they cannot lose since they are the foxes and you are the hens. They have the peace of mind knowing that no matter what ills befall you they and their team of lawyers can find a loophole you missed.

Would they be forced to lay off thousands of workers to compete?

Again, only if the CEOs of those companies decided that it was more important for themselves and their ten or twelve board members to continue making between $10,000,000 and $30,000,000 per year than to have 4,000 employees making $50,000 per year. (Hey guys, can you live on, say $2,000,000 per year?)

Would America go deeper into debt as a result of any plan?

Not necessarily. And individually we would all be better off immediately.

How is it possible that we as individuals would gain?

The average American is paying in the neighborhood of $25,000 per year for health insurance right now. They may not be paying directly from their wallet but it is being paid to the insurance companies by way of payroll deductions and lower salaries due to that cost factor. In other words whether you realize it or not you are paying!

If the Government were to offer an option - OPTION! - that made it possible to get out from under the thumb of a $25,000 per year bill but in doing so caused an increase in your taxes of $10,000 per year would you take it? Do fish swim?

The current health insurance way of doing business is to first deny and then perhaps give in if you are persistent. You also have to pay higher and higher deductibles on what they deem to be allowable. Your costs on drugs is and will continue to increase forever under their plan. There is also a limit on the amount you are allowed to even charge your insurance company within a given year. And make a mistake on a claim form and it's almost as though you committed genocide. And all these decisions are not being made on a personal basis by an informed doctor but by an accountant whose job it is to make the parasite more money!

A true Government regulated health insurance plan would not be run by the beaurocrats in DC but rather by a reputable company within guidelines set forth by our representatives without an eye toward obscene profits. Your costs would be far less than they are now and your health, not their well being would be job one.

The noise that is being heard around the halls of Congress may be coming from the mouths of our so-called leaders but they are only the speakers in a sound system plugged into the stereos of big insurance.

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