Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Now is the Time for all Good Men

The end of that phrase above is naturally, "to come to the aid of their party." Some have the phrase ending with the word 'country' in place of 'party' but the idea remains the same nevertheless.

The country is the United States and the party is the Democratic one. Both are in dire straits and both are in danger of losing something near and dear to each, namely their freedom!

There is a fight going on in the nation and while it is centered around the issue of universal health care believe it or not it is much larger than that. Health care is merely the maguffin (I'll explain that word in a post later or you may comment directly and I will answer.)

There are generally two sides to every issue. You either agree or oppose but no matter what you try to change the mind of the other side. Alternatively you can stick your fingers in your ears and make baby noises (nyah-nyah-nyah) until the person whose views you don't like gives up and leaves.

But that is not the Democratic way and we don't do that in America.


At the end of the 2000 Presidential election when it was becoming clear that a recount might actually show that Al Gore and not Dubya was the winner in Florida and therefore President of the United States the Republican party came up with the Nyah Nyah strategy. They sent Republican staffers ON PAYROLL down to Florida with the sole purpose of obstructing and destructing the recount. That typically un-American way of doing things worked and the lesson was learned. Well it was learned by one party at least.

Now the same tactic has reared its ugly disgusting filthy anti-human head once again in an effort to stop the discussion on health care reform so desperately needed in our country. The original 'Public Option' reform plan was a sound one that could have worked to help millions and millions of uninsured Americans and quite a few others indirectly live better lives with a little more cash left in their pockets.

But the Health Care giants and their lobbyists that can and do dole out billions of dollars to stop anything that threatens their profit margin are doing just that. Just as the Republicans did in Florida they are sending paid political protesters pretending to be ordinary citizens out to every Democratic Town Hall meeting they can find once again with the sole purpose of disrupting free speech. These same people can be identified at many rallies and many States even though most do not even live in those States.

It is time for the Democratic Party AND ALL FREE AMERICANS to say to Big Insurance and their lackeys in the Republican and Conservative camps that we are mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore!

Since the minority party is not playing fair and they are using the tactic of stopping Democracy in its tracks the MAJORITY PARTY must finally give up on the hopes of bi-partisanship. When one team does not play by the rules the game must end! And besides, it's our ball! They had their chance and blew it.

President Obama must call in the entire Democratic Party for a meeting. He must tell them the following:

"The people need health care reform. We cannot allow the insurance industry to dictate how we govern anymore.

Now I realize that many of you in this room are being funded by the insurance lobby and I know that you feel obligated to let those bribes fulfill their purpose but this issue is too big for us to lose.

I am telling you that we will all be remembered for failing our duties if we allow this reform to falter. In fact I will make certain of that!

So I say to all of you that I will fight for you tirelessly in the future but right here, right now we must have solidarity!

The other side is so scared that they will lose billions of ill-gotten profits if we pass a Public Option that they are spending almost $10,000,000 a week to stop us! TEN MILLION DOLLARS A WEEK! Money they could have used to pay medical claims!

Well since they will not allow the citizens of this country the simple right of being heard and since they have orchestrated this heinous act of stopping the Democratic process so effectively we must now act to stop them. They cannot continue to subvert the American process.

I am asking you, each and every one to come back to the fold. Now is the time for all of you good men and women to come to the aid of the COUNTRY. YOUR COUNTRY

They want to stop us?

We cannot allow them to do so.

I need 60 votes in Congress!

I need 256 votes in the House!

I need you!

And I will work with you on future issues but this one is mine! This one is for the people!

Are you with me and the people of America or are you against us!"

Thank you Mr. President.


Harold said...

Amen! Very well said. Now if only we could some how get this script to Obama before the Senate leaves for vacation.

Anonymous said...

Sirota: The Me-First, Forget-Everyone-Else Crowd | SummitDaily.com - http://shar.es/Iqcv

mug guy said...

Thank you Jamie, and thank David Sirota as well. It seems as though there are quite a few people with our same thoughts. Now if the Democrats could just start growing larger ones perhaps we can get REAL reform!
I know, don't get carried away.

mug guy said...

By the way I typed a reply to Harold as well but for some reason it never appeared so here is another one - THANK YOU. I know you took care of forwarding the piece to the Twitter White House so let's hope someone there had the time to read it, fix it up and get it ready for Prime Time.
[I was laid off almost a year ago so I would consider a White House speech writing job :-)]