Saturday, August 22, 2009

Is Health Care a Right

Some say that health care should not be a right automatically given to the people but rather a service that must be paid for. In a way they are correct but they miss one important point and that is the people of this country already pay for the service!

In a civilized country the citizens pay taxes that go into a general pool of funds. The money is then used to continue the quality of life to which the citizens wish to be come accustomed and is specified by their laws. In other words certain services are paid for and expected in return for their tax assessment.

One of the main points made during the founding of this country had to do with taxation and representation. We will not pay taxes if we are not represented in the laws and conversely if we are not represented in the laws then we should not have to pay taxes.

Naturally no one expects that every penny of every tax-payers money goes into a program that affects every citizen evenly but in the end we should all benefit proportionately.

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is one of the most famous and beautiful parts of our Declaration of Independence.

That word 'life' is first and foremost in our minds and plays an important part in the health care issue at hand for without life nothing else would seem to matter much.

The point of my argument is simply that in this civilized country it must be the main job of our leaders to keep their bosses, the American people who pay their salaries healthy and happy. And a very important part of our happiness is to keep us free from pain and illness wherever possible. That means we must have health care available and at least in part paid for by a portion of our taxes.

Health care may not be a God given right but then again God has his own health care and he doesn't vote.


train buddy said...

The people I truly feel sorry for are the elderly. Not only are they not getting an increase in social security but they are raising their medicare payouts. Now that my mother is on a limited income and paying out for private care this hits home. Does the government feel that once you no longer work and are of no use to them that they are completely forgotten about? How do they expect them to live?

mug guy said...

Only part of Government feels that way - The Republican part that is owned by big business and big 'pharma' and big Insurance and anyone else with big wallets.
The part of the Social Security check that is about to be cut is in fact controlled by the health care industry and their inbred sisters in pharmaceuticals. If we can not get a handle on costs, or in other words profit margins that would make Alexander the Great blush then we are all headed for bankruptcy in the end. (Not including the CEOs of the above mentioned companies and their puppets in Congress.)

train buddy said...

Well according to Bloomberg the phmarmaceutical CEOs aren't getting paid enough. Boooo Hooooo. I wonder what he'd say if he saw my pay check.

mug guy said...

Excellent point - Glad you read that! I already sent a comment along the Twitter-sphere about the Mayor. Let's see, he feels that CEOs making up to $33 million per year are not overpaid? Well compared to him they are grossly underpaid! At just 5% on his money he makes around 1 Billion!
I would never have complained about his money nor would I even bring it in to the conversation but he has the audacity to comment on this subject? He has just lost me.
As for your paycheck, as long as the current owners of Congress still control the country you will be paying more in taxes than they do, and I am including all the CEOs and their puppets.

train buddy said...

I hope the middle and low classes of NYC did not read that article because he probably just lost their votes come election time. Maybe he thinks he'll get a bigger voting turn out if he sticks up for all the rich folks in town.