Monday, December 24, 2007

Pant Suit or Freedom - Politics as Usual

Following the presidential campaigns over the past few weeks I have learned many things. For example, recently John Edwards addressed groups in poverty stricken areas. He attempted to show his concern and willingness to help the poor overcome their plight. He was well received.
Barack Obama has been appealing to a greater and more diverse group of voters than the other candidates, amassing admirable support and campaign dollars. Obviously his message is appealing to them.
Hillary Clinton wore a pant suit the other day and recently showed a bit more cleavage than normal while in congress. She is often referred to as Mrs. Clinton rather than Senator Clinton.
Does anyone sense a problem with these three statements?
Seven years ago many Americans voted for and almost elected a president they felt would be more fun at a picnic serving hot dogs and beer. After being appointed to the job this president seemingly won re-election because he was considered an honest leader unafraid of a fight. He defeated a decorated war veteran who presumable would be no fun at a barbeque.
But throughout all the previous elections and considering all the idiotic reasons why Americans vote for their candidate we seem to have reached a new low. No article or television news report ever deemed it necessary to tell us that George Bush was retaining water or that John Kerry’s pants were too tight. Of course there was a huge flap over John Edwards’ costly haircut and now there is talk about Mitt Romney paying too much for makeup but neither story has nor should it have legs.
And speaking of legs should Hillary show more of hers?
I for one want a president that can lead us out of the current terrible quagmire in Iraq no matter what he or she is wearing.
I for one want a president to restore our constitution to its once great glory whether or not his or her hairdo was expensive.
I for one want a president who can help America once again be the loved and admired leader of the free world. And most importantly I for one hope and pray I am not the only one.

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