Friday, November 9, 2018


Before there was low fat
We ate what we ate
The food was quite tasty
And often times great

Our weight was increasing
By an alarming amount
Till someone suggested
We calorie count

So now we eat less
And more sensible foods
And I guess we are healthy
But in terrible moods

So to balance our diet
And make life a treat
We finish our dinner
And then have a sweet

We desire to live long
And always stay thin
But nature’s against us
So I doubt we can win

Cause as we get older
I sadly confess
We rest a bit more
And we exercise less

So to stop your decline
You must hereby commit
Do all in your power
To stay healthy AND fit.

Get up off your butt
And go walk for a while
First a few blocks
Then work up to a mile

Breathe in that fresh air
And look up at the sky
And when you get home
Have a nice piece of pie

Do all I suggest
And may I be bold
To say you’ll stay young
Till the day you are old!

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