Friday, September 21, 2018


Americans are in the fight of their lives and the fight FOR their lives.
Sadly, not enough of them realize what’s happening.

I’m speaking of the slow-motion attack on our Democracy being waged by a political party that has only thing on their mind, total control on the country.

For decades the Republican Party has maintained they want smaller government or at the very least government out of our day to day lives.

They claim to be fiscally conservative and wish to spend less of our tax dollars on unnecessary and wasteful programs, so we can lower our deficit.

They want us to revere their family values and keep them in power so they can protect us from the evil that lurks on our borders. And they say this evil is not just from without but from within as well.

They preach these things not just from the steps of the U S Capitol but broadcast them from various news media on television, cable, radio stations and in print.

They fund and are funded by such organizations with wonderful and innocuous sounding names such as The Heritage Foundation and the American Family Association.
So how can they be the enemy of the America way of life?
Let’s examine each of the above items and understand their agenda.

First the Repubs, also known as the GOP say they want smaller government with officials out of our day to day lives.

Every GOP President since Eisenhower has expanded the reach of government into our lives. Some of the regulations were good and more were bad but just saying they wish to stay out doesn’t make it true. They have been dead set against same sex relationships, let alone marriage since they first learned of its existence.
They have funded ‘Pray the gay away” groups and preach that it is against God’s wishes.
I wonder what our founding fathers, those ‘separation of church and state fellows, would have thought about that.
In the past some GOP righteous and holier than thou people wanted to ban all sex positions other than the missionary position.
How’s that for staying out our bedrooms, let alone our lives!

The second claim is easier to debunk, that they are fiscally conservative.

Again, using Eisenhower as our starting point every Repub President since has raised the deficit while in power. The current moron in the White House is continuing the tradition at a pace never seen before.
And while they claim the Democrats will tax and spend it’s a fact that under every Democratic President during that time frame has lowered the deficit while moving the economy up and correcting many of the incredibly awful and wasteful GOP programs.

One remarkable such fix came not too long ago when President Obama, that hated by the right wing Kenyan born in Hawaii, took the reins of a failing economy with the greatest recession since the stock market crash of 1929 and turned America around to prosperity.
He handed things over to the current moron who has since taken credit for everything his predecessor did without understanding how government and life works.

As for lowering taxes and spending wisely the taxes have only really been lowered for the wealthiest of the land and in order to pay for the well-earned windfall, if you call bribing politicians well earned work, the GOP has ended many social and environmental programs. They consider these quality of life things, such as National Parks or clean air and drinkable water unnecessary for the middle class and poor.
They are also hell bent on getting rid of Social Security and Medicare since their benefactors are incredibly wealthy and don’t need social safety nets.
“Are there no prisons? And the union workhouses, are they still in operation?”
By the way under the GOP “for profit” prisons are thriving and even such do nothing useless Repub appointees such as betsy devos, head of education has a piece of the profit!

When it comes to family values who better to tell us how to live our lives than the party that houses the following pious leaders:
Newt Gingrich, who cheated on each of his first 2 wives with the woman who would become his next one. Is he seeking out number 4? Stay tuned.

Rudolph Giuliani also of 3 wife fame who, by the way hid and got lost underground during the 911 attacks and basically did nothing before or after to help NYC or the nation.

And while there are so many other stellar examples of family values such as Mark Sanford of Appalachian Trail fame,


Larry Craig and his wide stance 

Austin Murphy who only admitted to fathering a child out of wedlock after being videotaped leaving his lover’s home. 

And John Ensign who along with Newt was committing adultery at the same time as they were demanding Bill Clinton leave office over a blow job!

Tim Murphy  the anti-abortionist who asked his lover to abort his child after their extra marital affair. Tim was a noted author who wrote a book about children that won the National Parenting Association’s award. The book explained how to take care of troublesome children.
I guess he left the chapter about aborting them out!

The one creature that comes to mind when thinking about the self-proclaimed family values moniker must be the current disgusting misogynistic pig in the White House who claims to be able to grab women by the pussy and kiss them whenever he feels like it and walk in on naked teens because, why not…
It disgusts me to even type its name so in case you have been living in a cave and for the sake of completeness its initials are djt.

I believe these examples and the so many more I did not list should debunk any ‘family values’ crap spewed by the GOP.

As for protecting us from all evil, aside from the obvious BS fatherly line I believe that is how all dictators started their careers in other countries. It’s easy to point to the ‘them’ of the day and gin up the hate but the GOP used to know how far to take it. The current group has become so obsessed with power that they have no idea how far is too far. They have stirred up the hate so much that gun sales and as a result gun massacres have increased exponentially in America.

Will they admit their wrong doing?
Do birds swim?
Do fish fly?

As for fearing the ‘other’ I believe Franklin Delano Roosevelt said it best: The only thing we have to fear is fear itself! (He had no idea what the Repub Party would become in the future or he would have added an addendum.)

Finally let’s take a look at the Wonderful World of Wordplay.
Here’s a list of the most dangerous enemies from within that all have misleading names.

Heritage Foundation: NOT YOUR HERITAGE!
American Family Association: NOT YOUR FAMILY!
FreedomWorks: BUT NOT FOR YOU!
Family Research Council: AGAIN, NOT YOUR FAMILY!
And finally the one that allowed all the wealthiest of the country to buy an entire political party and make the representatives within it their bitches:

At the start I said we are watching a slow-motion dismantling of our Democracy.
A fine example of that would be the way Mitch McConnell refused to allow a duly elected by a large majority of Americans (something no recent repub can say) to even have his choice for a seat on the Supreme Court be interviewed for the job for an entire year!
He subverted Democracy using the childish and absurd reason that it was the last year of Mr. Obama’s Presidency, so he could ignore his wishes.
In what universe is that the case?
McConnell should have been thrown in jail but instead the bastard was rewarded with votes from the deluded GOP base and a main reason we are living in hell as we speak!
And that is how we ended up with neil gorsuch and not Merrick Garland and it is how we will end up with a second sex offender, brett kavanaugh sitting alongside fellow sex offender clarence long dong thomas FOR LIFE!

Remember that the current president famously said “I love the uneducated!”
Read, Learn, Understand!
Do the right thing, do the American thing, VOTE!
And when you exercise that greatest of the great rights we have cast your ballot for the political party that has your back and bring back the Democratic Party so we can save America for all Americans!

NOVEMBER 6, 2018 - NOVEMBER 3, 2020

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