Saturday, May 27, 2017


America tests intelligence w/IQ exams, School ratings & psychological evaluations but leaves out one thing that stares us in the face every November.
We should add how voters act & react to policies put in place by politicians they voted for.
Will they vote for the same people next time even though the elected leaders did everything in their power to ruin the lives of their constituents?
For example, dt and the GOP have been trying to repeal our healthcare system ever since that black guy made it the law of the land. They want to take it away from 24 million Americans (sorry, the CBO now says it's only a mere 23 million Americans) and also remove social safety nets many have come to rely on such as Medicare and Social Security. And while they do that they'll be lowering taxes on the wealthiest among or rather over us!
Will the voters finally get it?
I doubt it!
But if some of them do then perhaps we can finally get back to a Democratic majority in both houses and to the business of really making America great again.

There are 528 days left until the midterm elections.

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