Saturday, January 23, 2016


Please click and read the article I have linked just below here and think long and hard about the implications!

Ted Cruz is not eligible to run for president: A Harvard Law professor close-reads the Constitution

The fact that we as a nation should have to use the Constitution in order to stop this evil bastard from taking the reins of the country is pathetic!

Rubio could lose out as well but Trump should not even be on the election radar!!

Too many Americans have been fed such lies and filled with such fear by right wing media.

But I agree with them in one respect, we must take out country back, FROM THE LIKES OF FOX & KOCH & ADELSON.

And I do have fear.
Fear that too many intelligent Americans, AKA Democrats and Liberal minded humans will stay home in November and one of these awful creatures will sneak in.

And then guess what the make up of the Supreme Court will look like for decades to come!

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