Saturday, January 30, 2016


We agonized over telling our kids there was no tooth fairy or that Santa was a myth.
We never liked debunking any childhood dream so we encouraged our kids to believe in fairy tales, at least until they were old enough to face reality.
But were we doing them a favor?
Perhaps it was the right thing to do.
Perhaps we must allow the young and the innocent some early life playtime before being thrust into the real world.  After all when else will they be able to enjoy without fear all that life has to offer?
But when does childhood end?
With all due respect to Arthur C Clarke it must end a bit earlier than it does now or America, nay the World is doomed.
We have in our country something that has been called The American Dream.
Work hard and you can achieve great things.
That is still true, as long as the elite allow you to break into their neck of the wealth woods.
Come up with a cure for a dreaded disease? You better allow some wealthy corporation to gain most if not all the profits or watch your discovery disappear as did Dr. Sam Chachoua and his cure for AIDS.
And it's not only about money although that sure is a strong incentive. Power is the thing the megalomaniacs crave most. And power is what their money buys, along with a few Congressmen and political movements.
Sure the Koch brothers' corporations make products humans can use but they use those things as lost leaders in their quest to own our leaders. They spend more than the proverbial drunk sailors to fulfill THEIR American dream.
And they are of course not alone.
Donald Trump is well on the road to turning his on again off again fortune into American domination.
This person spews lie after lie and hate of anyone not on his side much like a spoiled child. But then again he is a spoiled child having squandered his inherited wealth from daddy before tricking others into bankrolling him back to fortune and fame.
So what is the myth we are all too blind to understand?
What is our grown up Easter Bunny or Santa fairy tale?
It is best explained by a short 6 minute video of wealth distribution in America.
Think you know what's going on and has been going on for decades? THINK AGAIN!
There is no such thing as Trickle Down and never has been. That term was created by an actor, and not a very good one at that if Bonzo is any proof.
But he was good enough to fool most of America and ruin the lives of union members and an entire group of people formerly known as the Middle Class.
It's past time for Bonzo to be put to bed for good and man behind this destructive policy to be known for what he really was.  Reagan was a charlatan not a God and his place in history must show this!
Please view this video and think about what we can do to stop this trend from continuing. How can we turn this around to at least the good old days under Republican President Eisenhower.
I believe we can only start this healing process by ridding our government of all Conservatives and every modern day Republican and voting Democrats into office across America.
Please let me know your thoughts.

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