Sunday, May 12, 2013

A MARRIAGE Contract for America

The furor over same sex marriage or as it is known by some for various reasons gay marriage is a misdirection argument in true ‘forest for trees’ fashion.
Simply put the government, no government this side of the Vatican or other state run religious countries should be involved in a decision involving whether or not two people, any two people should get married.  Marriages are made on Earth!
Some may argue for or against marriage using economic reasons while others claim marriages of which they disapprove affect the sanctity of their own union.  There is a further argument clearly of religious beginnings that a marriage is union made to produce children.
First I submit that if your marriage is affected and or ruined because two other consenting adults wed then your marriage wasn't too strong in the first place and probably should never have happened.  It was bound to fail sooner or later.  I guess that other couple did you a favor by speeding along the imminent demise of a bad union.
As for a marriage being consummated solely for the purpose of having children it should be nobody’s business whether or not any couple produces offspring lest they are intimately involved.  If one or both of the individuals in a marriage is infertile or incapable of producing offspring should we as a society demand they divorce and seek out a more fertile partner?
And once we remove the tax benefit or liability for a married couple those who think only of the economic implications of marriage lose their argument as well.
Clearly the US Congress as well as the individual State Houses has no consensus on how to handle all the issues of marriage.  They should welcome the chance to relinquish the control of marriage licenses and cede that truly personal decision to the individuals involved.  If those couples wish to seek out the permission of their religious leaders so be it.  If they have no religious affiliation there should be a civil union option available at every level of government.
The rights of any legally joined couple should not be infringed by anyone.
Should a loved one be hospitalized or worse the partner must not be excluded in any way from the proceedings before during or after what ever befalls the injured party.
It is clear that the best solution to a non-issue no-problem problem concerning the marriage of two people is to take government completely out of the equation.  The IRS should have no need to know the marital status of anyone filing a tax return because there should be no difference between a single or married return.
Any and all entities (human or corporation) that reside in America and earn money as a result of their enterprise should be taxed as the law sees fit and passed by our government in order to provide for the services and well being of our citizenry.
Then maybe Congress can get back to fighting over other more important issues.
The bottom line is simply if two people wish to live their lives together for whatever reason we should celebrate their union and not vilify it!

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