Saturday, August 11, 2012


We finally have clarity!
We can finally compare the two ideologies.
The 2012 Presidential race can finally be placed into a neat box from which all interested parties may pick their desired new leader.
And inside that box the two could not be further apart on just about every issue but one -The other guy is wrong for America.
That's because there happens to be TWO Americas.
There's the America populated by over 300 million mostly hard working citizens who try to play by the rules every day of their lives in order to make a living for themselves and their families while navigating the obstacle course of health care coverage and decreased services available to them as their tax dollars are wasted on the military and tax breaks for the wealthy.
And there's the America comprised of around 3 million souls also known as the 1% who don't give a thought about anyone else but themselves and how they can continue to game every system on their way to the top of the Forbes 500 list so that they may mingle among the wealthiest creatures on the face of the Earth while stepping on the necks of the little people along the way.
Perhaps the above is an oversimplified explanation of our two current major political camps but I can say it without fear of successful contradiction that most of those vying for leadership fit there quite well.
We have the current President who overcame incredible obstacles on his way to the White House and continues to hear detractors belittle him and point fingers in his face while generally disrespecting the office itself.  Mr Obama has tried to get many social issues passed into law through a Congress that only wants to see HIM gone.
He has attempted to enact programs formerly espoused by the Republicans only to see filibuster after filibuster by the same people who championed those programs in the first place.
We have a working class Vice President with a lifetime of governmental service under his belt whose son is currently serving as the Attorney General of Delaware.
Together the current administration has put forth and seen enacted into law a somewhat watered down but good start health care act originally enacted in Massachusetts and known as Romney-care.
And we have seen this new law belittled at every turn by the original architect, Mitt Romney and his entire party as awful!
Instead of trying to make it better and help the vast number of Americans who could benefit from it's implementation the Republicans have attempted to overturn it no less than 39 times in the House of Representatives.  They have done this instead of governing or trying to help get us jobs or help the economy or anything that might make America a better place in which to live merely because their one STATED objective is to get rid of President Obama.
Do they want him out because he is bad?
Not really!
They want him out so they can be in!
The Republican team is comprised of a wealthy businessman who keeps as much of his money in offshore banks as possible and his running mate who wants to place into law a budget that will help the wealthy gain new heights on that ladder up the Forbes list while grinding the poor and middle class into dust!
I have personally come up against many wealthy bosses in my years as a middle class worker and have heard the variations of the phony insincere, "It hurts me too" line.
One such little yet wealthy person had the nerve to say to me that everyone in the company was taking a 10% cut in order to keep the place open.
The problem was, as I pointed out to this small minded greedy evil creature that his 10% cut brought his pay down from $300,000 per year to $270,000 per year and would hardly be noticed.  But the vast majority of workers in the company were making between $30K and $40K and to them ANY cut could be disastrous, especially in New York.
He actually feigned being hurt by my comment and almost managed to turn away before a smug smile crept over his face.
This is the type of phony politician that is up against the Democratic team this year.
There are more registered Democrats in American than there are Republicans.
We must make sure enough of us are not disenfranchised by the evil schemes being perpetrated across America in so-called 'swing States' to take away our votes so that we can put an end to the terror of the right wing for at least a little time.
That is until the next election cycle which sadly starts Wednesday November 7.
Let's help the American majority, the 99% bring the country back to greatness!

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