Friday, August 17, 2012

Don't Miss Les Mis!

I am going away from my usual type of post and instead posting a link to a brilliant musical parody that only intellectuals will understand.
I know what you're thinking, that's not fair to all the right wing nut jobs out there but let's face it, they are total morons anyway and will never understand how the real world works so why bother with them anymore?
They truly believe Republicans give a rat's ass about them.  They are so deluded and beyond help that the less humans think about them the better off we'll be.
This is fun and entertainment for the educated and cultured Americans, in other words DEMOCRATS!
Hopefully we can get  Independent thinking voters to enjoy this incredibly well done production and start thinking for themselves as well.
And we should all think about how all the problems in America over the last 4 years are a result of Republican greed and blockage of anything to do with governance.
The Republican leadership fulfilled their promise of not allowing anything to get done while President Obama was in office.
If we as honest, fair, intelligent human beings allow this bad behavior to be rewarded by voting for EVEN ONE Republican then shame on us!
So turn on the sound, sit back and enjoy this wonderful parody of one of the greatest Broadway shows ever, Les Mis.

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