Thursday, September 10, 2009

Who Lies?

The President spoke and many of America listened. But as is usually the case with politics in the era of the internet and the 24 hour news cycle many did not.

And the problem is the ones who needed to listen and understand the most were among the missing.

They may not have been home or perhaps their televisions were not working or maybe they were watching Fox which chose to air another one of those sadly prolific and incredibly stupid reality shows instead of the speech.

But the worst ones who chose not to listen were sitting on the right side of the aisle in the very room in which the speech was given. I am of course speaking of those wonderful people from the GOP, Republicans.

And speaking of Fox, their News (that's a joke) station did have the speech and when Representative Joe Wilson of South Carolina couldn't control himself and brain-farted "You Lie" at the President one of Fox's most trusted commentators laughed!

Who might that idiot be?
Glad you asked!
None other than Turd Blossom himself - Karl Rove.

I will not reiterate anything the President said during his time in front of the joint session of Congress as there are plenty of other places to find the actual and imagined words he spoke. But I will say that he was masterful both in presentation and content. He said what needed to be said and aimed his harshest criticisms at the LIARS on the right and the non-believers on the left.

The powerful insurance lobby will have to work overtime to repair the damage President Obama did to their bribery schemes. But I have no doubt they will merely open their wallets a little more and reel back many of the Congressmen who find themselves suddenly sitting on the fence.

Mr. President - The key here is to strike while the iron is hot and mold it into a workable health insurance and health care plan. Don't make it an open-ended process by allowing time and grass (or Grassley) to grow under your feet. Get the faithful together and ask them to help you twist an arm or two. You must turn the blue dogs who are still skeptical of what we the people need into responsible leaders.

Mr Smith may have not actually gone to Washington as in Frank Capra's sadly unrealistic fairy tale but we need A Few Good Men (and women) to get off that fence and protect us from big insurance!
We want the truth!
We can handle the truth!
What we can't handle are the lies!

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