Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's Ranting Time Again

I listen to the news way too much these days but the key word there was LISTEN. Too many people in this country either do not listen or refuse to hear what is being said. there are also quite a few who are paid to repeat lies and therefore can not listen or hear the truth. For them it would be a conflict of interest in a big time way. These people are generally known as Republicans and some Democrats who are in fact puppets of the DC lobbies.

For example here are a few points boiled down to the basics.

Republicans continue to say that they are all for health care for all but among other things they fear the great costs involved.

First of all the costs have not been offered as yet since the entire plan has not even been written. For that I blame President Obama.
But the Republicans know this. However merely throwing out the fear that we could bankrupt the country they get a great deal of poorly informed people on their side.
They also talk about health care killing people! These morons love their oxymorons.

When Republicans look for reasons NOT do something they use the same tired old arguments and scare tactics that unfortunately have worked for so long; "It's too costly - It will kill old people - Women will die with breast cancer - It will mortgage our future - Think of your children."
It will cost a lot but we're worth it.
No old people will be put in harms way unless drafted.
Women should be outraged at this one!!!!
Our future is now and besides the mortgage system is the one that got us here! Fix it!
And I am thinking of the children!

Don't be surprised if the next Republican/Conservative TV ad is - "Guns don't kill people, Obama's healthcare kills people." And inthe background you;'ll see an old grandma dead.

The Republicans lost the last election in a big way and they are an angry minority. They need to get people onto their side or they are doomed.
Do they care about health care for the masses?
They have the best health care money can buy and those poorly informed masses are paying for it!

As for the rest of us we should be sick and tired of hearing the lie, "We have the best health care in the world."
Do you realize that America is actually ranked 39th?
It is a lie propagated by the Conservatives and Republicans and some Democrats (once again all of whom have great free health care) meant to use pride of country too get us riled up about change.
"We don't want Canadian health care or Great Britatin's health care or God forbid France's health care system of SOCIALIZED medicine here."

Why not?
Before you allow these lobby spokesmen masquerading as congressmen to make up your mind do a little research. You will be quite surprised at how good those other systems are.
No, they are not perfect, not by a long shot but they are light years ahead of our FOR TOTAL PROFIT AT THE COST OF LIVES system.

The opponents have no shame! They are not arguing truthfully and they must not be rewarded for lies! We cannot allow this to keep happening.

And what is more important than health?
Weren't we brought up on the phrase, "When you have your health..."

And getting back to children: Public school is a mandate. Education is a must.
Are the Republicans against schooling?
And what about all the other government run programs?
Are the Republicans against the military; the police force; the fire department; the forestry service; the post office and on and on...?

We mandate auto insurance but we don't regulate the insurers so they are free to increase your costs regularly. Those costs are killing us. If something is mandated then it must be considered a utility and have guidelines.

Let's do that with health insurance.
Let's do it right this time.
Mandate health Insurance for all citizens.
Allow the people a public option with regulated costs and fair terms!

We gave billions to big banks and they are voting themselves hundreds of mills in bonuses. when we say it must be regulated Republicans say no.
They say that government can't get involved in CEO compensation because it's a dangerous road to take and all the large companies will lose their talent to other companies willing to pay more the obscene amounts of cash they demand.
But one true statement they make is that the Board of Directors of these companies vote to determine compensation and they are the ones who should hold down bonuses or make them fit situation.
BUT THE BOARDS ARE MADE UP OF GOOD OLD BOYS WHO SIT ON EACH OTHERS BOARDS! That means they say to each other "You show me a big one and I'll show you a big one in return.

There is talk of taxing big trades on Wall Street and naturally the traders are against it.
I trade so I should be against it as well but I am not!
A typical trader talking on CNN said that he and his people could trade 10 million shares a day and even a tiny tax percentage could add up to $10,000 a day.
He said that because he knows that to most of us $10,000 is a great deal of money.
But everything is relative - He trades TEN MILLION SHARES A DAY!!!!!
Anyone with enough money to trade that much probably farts $10M.
Tell these guys to drop one hooker or take one less junket per year and they will save that much and more.

Obama and his team are showing that they are too weak and meek to get things done in big old boys land where the lobbies rule & the public's a fool If he and his team do not grow some big ones and soon we are all doomed to years and years of Republican / Conservative rule even when they are in the minority!

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