Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Politics as Usual - The JMac & BO Story

It’s politics as usual from two typical politicians who both claim to be anything but.
First there is McCain who after being vilified by that piece of crap aka Karl Rove and his awful puppet W awkwardly hugged Bush a few years ago at a political rally. Now he is grappling with the reality of having to quietly ask W not to campaign for him.

Then we come to Mr. Small Change. BO claimed to be above all the infighting and back-stabbing that has become American politics and yet he has done everything he has to to get where he is including the proverbial flip-flop on almost every issue. He joined a church to get elected in Chicago and then quit it when the country heard what the leader of the church was actually spewing from his racist pulpit. Expedience always trumps beliefs in DC.

But now as we approach an anniversary of note in our country that is symbolized by the phrase “Ground Zero” the two candidates are united in a pandering event. For seven years they ignored the World Trade Center site, at least it appeared as such since they never visited the area. But suddenly they are running for the highest office in the land and lo and behold they have both been bitten by the “be there” bug.
On September 11th they will both put down their respective campaign hats and hang their heads solemnly as they view the footprint of the former Trade Center. Where were they last year, or the year before? In fact where were they for the past six years? They’re not campaigning? Do us all a favor and stay the hell away from New York this week. We have enough problems.

As BO ill-advisedly put it, “You can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig.” And you can say you are a candidate of change or a maverick but…


train buddy said...

Totally agree. Actually I think they should stop airing the endless reading of names. It's time we all go forward in life. It's not something I want to keep rehashing in my mind.

mug guy said...

Politicians cannot let opportunities such as these go by without showing their faces. It is a pity but on the brighter side we have only 56 days of this absurdity left.
Of course campaigning for 2012 starts a week later.

Motor Mouth said...

It's really sad that we have 2 horrible candidates. If an independent ever had a chance this would be the year.

mug guy said...

I'm available as a write-in candidate! So is Lou Dobbs.
Thanks for the comment.

Motor Mouth said...

I'm writing in Elmo!