Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Great Blog of Note - A Must Read

Whether or not you think I am funny is purely subjective. And whether or not you even know what subjective means is subjective. But the objective of this note is to get you to link over to an incredibly funny blog currently being written by a young up and coming writer by the name of Rich Resch. Giants Football.

As you may guess from the title of the blog it is about football but that is merely the Mac Guffin. Okay, this is getting too involved so link here to find out what the heck a MacGuffin is. You may have also guessed that he is my son. But being my son has nothing to do with my praise, okay maybe a little. And the acorn and the tree simile is not completely accurate. This is a case of TWO trees.

However the bottom line and the real reason to read the blog is that he knows his sports and is genuinely hilarious!

And make sure to read the comments other people have written in response to his pieces.

Rich is only a contributor for now so you will have to scroll to find his work but try to do it now so that you may say you knew him when. Trust me, would I lie?

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Paul and Nancy Gordon said...

Hey, Bruce, how about some news?? Photos of Grand Cayman? Kissing the Ray??