Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Insurance - Part 1 - Auto

There is a funny e-mail circulating these days about illegal aliens and the benefits they receive. When I say funny I do not mean hah hah funny but rather sad funny. It is actually a real letter sent to Senator Harkin by one of his constituents. If you have not received it as yet you may link here: http://www.askmehelpdesk.com/taxes/becoming-illegal-tax-purposes-86139.html

Many parts will ring true and some of us may really get angry at parts of it but, hey this is America - Love it or leave it.

One part I enjoyed was about the insurance industry as that has always been a bugaboo for me.

Auto insurance is a mandated form of payment to large corporations so that they may send you a form letter at some time in the future stating that whatever it is you are claiming is no longer covered and if you continue to bother them they will drop you.

You naturally respond with the question, "Then why should I even have insurance?" And the trained response is "For peace of mind.”
And why not take a piece of this while you're at it?

My son does not like to drive and does not have a car of his own. However he is back from college now and since he has a license I have the obligation to tell the crooks, I mean insurance comapny that he has the opportunity to get behind the wheel of his mom’s car. When I added him to my auto insurance policy the lovely people at Geico informed me that even though he does not have a car and may never drive he still can. So they insisted on my placing a percentage against his name as to how much he might drive. I repeated that he is not a percentage anywhere but they insisted that they had to put a number against his name or the policy could not written, or rather re-written. I gave in, naturally and offered a 10% maximum figure and placed him on the oldest car we have, a 2000 Honda Accord. Geico sent me my new policy and it lists my “may never drive” son as a possible driver and increased the six-month policy by $450. To put that in perspective my wife is on the policy at $440.00 and she drives every day.

According to our government you must have insurance or you are breaking the law. Once again the laws are in place to protect the corporations against loss of money and to keep the rest of in line so as to not bother them. If you are making me buy insurance by law shouldn’t the insurance I buy be regulated? Wouldn’t it be logical to keep an eye on the insurance companies a little, JUST A LITTLE?
How naïve I am. Of course our government is keeping an eye on them. How else can they see the kick-backs when they receive them?

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